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The Industry-You Better Werk! Tulabelle is Adorbs and Wants all your Dynamite Girls Stuff...

I really had no intention of collecting the Industry line but I could not resist the cuteness of the You Better Werk! Tulabelle Industry Gift Set from the 2016 Supermodel IT Convention.  There seems to be little to no buzz about this girl. I don't get it.  Many seem turned off by the pink eyeshadow and liner. It does limit what she can wear. However, there is so much that she can wear...AND WELL. The body is way tinier than the Fashion Royalty gals.  She is much closer to the Dynamite Girls and Poppy in size with a teeny little foot like Barbie and the Dynamite Girls.  I am excited about this because I have some Dynamite Girls Style Lab  fashions and shoes from the Jet Set convention ...many of which are pink and black.  I think they will mix nicely with this gift set.  I also picked up some old fashions from the London Calling line for $20 total during room sales on a hunch that they would fit and they seemed in a great color palette to coordinate with the gift set.

Everyone of t…

Etsy Shop till you Drop! New Items and a Coupon Code!

Howdy yall...I have been sewing more things for our demanding little plastic divas. I have added items to my etsy store and I am planning some collections to come out in January.  In the meantime, I have made a coupon code for 10% any order of $10 or more.

The code is MONEYTREE.