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Gene Convention linked with Sandra Stillwells' Hollywood Ahoy!

So the gene convention is west coast this year...which means I probably won't be able to afford it. Sigh. We shall see.

Antoinette...more thoughts.

So I have had some more time to think on this new doll and I am totally warming up to her. The body sculpt is gorgeous and I am really looking forward to creating fashions for her. I still plan to get a blank basic and then we will be getting one at the Tonner Convention. Which makes me want to get a basic ASAP in order to sew for her. Unfortunately...the line is not expected until this summer. Ugh. So I am trying to get myself one of those IDEX Amusing Antoinette's. Currently they go for around $100 or so. Which is only ten more than the basics coming out in the regular line. Hopefully I will be able to win one on the evil-bay.

I also read a rumor on Prego that Robert is considering different head sculpts for the doll. This is great news as I would love a smaller head with a slimmer face. More tiny head fashion model-esque.

New Vampire Collection Items at Fashion Boulevard!

There are some new additions to the fun vampire clothing line over at Fashion Boulevard! The Witching Hour Coat is pretty cool. And the Cold Reception coat is also fun.

Some of the other items are in stock too. I cannot wait to get my order!

Support me for the 2009 MS Walk!

I am walking again this year...send some money...or join me...

Coraline Gloves for Humans!

I plan to make these....The movie was adorable and the gloves are oh so cute.

Intergrity 2009 Launches...New Gene and Avant Guards

Integrity has released a flurry of new swag...and it's all very cool. The Integrity website is a bit annoying it's slightly easier to see it all at Angelic Dreamz. The Gene Collection is pretty spectacular! The essential/basic dolls focus on a decade of fashion and are very affordable at $99! The dressed dolls are all about Hollywood Glamour and some amazing couture details. I love the Wrap Party Zita outfit and the Willow Madra has STUNNING hair. So very tempting.

There are also two new Avant Guards and they seem to be sold out already at most places. Boo. I kind of love the fashions on both but I am still not sold on the faces or hair on either of them. I am still waiting for the perfect one or at least a basic one to use as a sewing model. Hmmmm.

Antoinette is the Tonner 2009 Convention Doll

I am sure many people will not be happy. I am sort of excited to see what she will be like. I was planning to get at least one to use as a sewing model...

Tonner's Antoinette is Up!

Go check her out...I will get at least one to use as a sewing model. I love that you can get blank dolls. I would love to do one with a very stylized face. I think I love the doll...

Woot! Interweave Knits Spring Preview!

Behold the knitting bounty!
I like the dimishing rib cardigan,jeff's pub sweater, and the float stole.

New Book about Doll Fashion Photography from FDQ

This is a fun idea. I will be getting it...

In April 2009, we will unveil our new book, "FDQ: In Focus". After many years of working towards creating the best and most exciting doll photography and styling in the business, we decided that it would be fun to share the tips and tricks we have all learned along the way by putting it all together in a handy guide.

"In Focus" is an easy to follow book that is specifically designed for the doll collector and photography enthusiast.

In it, we take you through the process of getting to know your camera, setting up shots, creating sets and the importance of styling to get that perfect shot.
Pre-Order Special

If you order between now and April 1st, you can purchase In Focus for only $19.99 for subscribers, and $24.99 for non-subscribers. After April 1st, the price will be $24.99 for subscribers and $29.99 for non-subscribers. Price includes shipping in the US only. Additional shipping fees apply for foreign orders.

Learn From The…

About to break my yarn thinks...

I am oh so tempted to end my yarn fast right now. I picked up the new Vogue Knitting mag and I am in love with the Cecily Glowik Fitted Flyaway Cardi #4 done in the super bulky weight yarn. I have been looking at all those twinkle-style bulky knits for a while but too scared to take the plunge for fear I would look like the michelin man in them. But since I have dropped a few pounds and i am nearly done with my most recent sweater...this pattern is calling to me. I also found some yarn for a song at Webs...ugh...I maybe need to take the plunge and get this and then back to the yarn fast...what's one tiny little bite gonna do?

New Superdrock Outfit and Site Updates!

There is supposed to be a new outfit on the site today...not sure when or if I already missed it...And they are working on some site updates.

Update at 3pm..evidently, it came and went in a hurry. And it was red.

Too Much Doll News to List!

Idex has come and gone. Lots of pics can be found...

Look for the Ellowyne, OZ pop, and Evangeline stuff to hit the Wilde Imagination site later this week. Everything looks really cute. I am faced with a daunting task...I am not sure I can keep collecting Ellowynes and Evangelines with my growing need to have all the DC Stuff...ugh. Lots of tricky decisions to make. All those thrift store separates look so cute. Sigh...need to find a money tree.

The Tonner Antoinette doll was not what I expected. I might get a basic just to have one to use as a sewing model but I am not fond of the head size and skinny neck. Hmmm.

I think I have cooled on the Twilight dolls. There heads seem huge to me. I may wait to see them in person...or perhaps if he does indeed make them all then i will break down and purchase them. I just really need to conserve space and money. So DC Stars are all in...and Doctor Who/Torchwood...

I just ordered mini-me Supernatural heads...sigh...poor Spike is still nud…

Fre Shipping and New Exclusives at Tonner Direct! much doll news and so little time at the moment.

Tonner has put up three exclusives at Tonner Direct including the Wonderland Costume Ball Sweetheart doll...which will most likely sell out quick! He also has free shipping using the code 09FREE...