Too Much Doll News to List!

Idex has come and gone. Lots of pics can be found...

Look for the Ellowyne, OZ pop, and Evangeline stuff to hit the Wilde Imagination site later this week. Everything looks really cute. I am faced with a daunting task...I am not sure I can keep collecting Ellowynes and Evangelines with my growing need to have all the DC Stuff...ugh. Lots of tricky decisions to make. All those thrift store separates look so cute. Sigh...need to find a money tree.

The Tonner Antoinette doll was not what I expected. I might get a basic just to have one to use as a sewing model but I am not fond of the head size and skinny neck. Hmmm.

I think I have cooled on the Twilight dolls. There heads seem huge to me. I may wait to see them in person...or perhaps if he does indeed make them all then i will break down and purchase them. I just really need to conserve space and money. So DC Stars are all in...and Doctor Who/Torchwood...

I just ordered mini-me Supernatural heads...sigh...poor Spike is still nude in a box with no face...eventually I will get to these. I have so much to do. The opera is over on sunday and I cannot wait to have a bit more free time.

Also, I think I will be starting a copious spare time podcast shortly...I will cover all my assorted hobbies focusing on a specific one in each episode. So stay tuned for more info soon.
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