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The Halo Repaints Blog: The Economics of Collecting Pt. 1: The "B" Word

The Halo Repaints Blog: The Economics of Collecting Pt. 1: The "B" Word: "These economic times have forced us to look at collecting differently. In the past we might have been able to collect purely from the heart ..."

Oh my I was just bad...New acquisitions of the genuine molded plastic variety...

shhhh...don't tell my husband.

Definitely did not need to do get this one...and this one...considering it a birthday present to myself but will be forced to boot some other girls off the dolly island.

This is an FR Mongram doll called Extravagance.  And I think that I might be crazy.  I am also trying to hunt down a Blythe doll at a reasonable price...

Spectacular Couture Dolls Shoes from Angelic Dreamz

Think Gaga.  I like the pistol heel boots myself.  Not all of these will fit Sybs or Tonner girls and evidently none of them will fit Antoinette...they are still pretty darn cool.

Interweave 2010 Knits Weekend is Here!

I loved last year's magazine..The Mariner Pullover looks promising and I totally will have to find a baby to wear it with me...or maybe have one to wear the matching sweater. I am totally serious.  I mean I will like love the baby and all..but yes he/she will also be an awesome accessory. :)  Hopefully a slimming one...

I am also loving the Prairie Lace Blouse.  The Conte Hoodie would be awesome for people who covet shibui sock yarn but hate to knit socks... I like the Briseis Pullover too...and its in a chunkier yarn so it would knit up in about two seconds on size 11 needles.  And I smell a new malabrigo hat in my future using the Byrony pattern.

Yum for fall knits...and I swear I am recording a podcast this weekend so help me Jebus.

Today's Groupon to the Chicago History Musuem for $7! Do it!

Go see the amazing I Do! Chicago Ties the Knot   Wedding exhibit...amazing costumes! I did...and was completely in awe at the amazing pieces.

Sweet Benefit Makeup Deal at Ulta for 3 Days only!

I just ordered Girl Meets Pearl and an benefit pencil sharpener...and used the free shipping code SHIPFREE25 and for the low low price of $35 and tax...I am also getting an awesome cosmetics case and a free lipgloss!  Order quick my pretties...

Tonner Firefly Jayne Cobb Production Photos

He looks shiny!

Tonner 13" Artemis Doll!!! AHHHH!

OMG! She looks awesome! Who wants to get her for me at Comic Con?

13" ARTEMIS OF BANA MIGHDALL NEW YORK COMIC CONEXCLUSIVE EDITION Please Note: This item is a New York Comic Con show exclusive and will be available at the show.  If there are any extras, they will be offered for sale after the event.  The post-event price will be $149.99
Hailing from the city of BANA-MIGHDALL, ARTEMIS is one of the most revered and formidable Amazons.  The courageous warrior comes dressed in a cropped PVC top with gleaming faux leather collar, and sheer harem pants with front draped panel and faux leather belts.  Faux leather sandals with back zippers, gold hoop earrings, faux leather cuffs, gold hair wrap, serpentine armband, and decal tattoo also included. NEW' Head Sculpt and 13" Fashion Body LE200 Price: $139.99

Tonner DC Stars 13" Wonder Woman is wants...

Ugh I was trying to resist...but now that I have seen her....of course I must have her.  Her outfit looks very well done and much nicer than the original 16" outfit.

Firefly Serenity Zoe Tonner Character Figure is Up!

I think she looks wonderful!

Tonner Wardrobe new 13" Fashions

To fit the new 13" Miss Revlon and the new 13" Wonder Woman and Supergirl dolls. I am know even more tempted to get the 13" Wonder Woman....sigh...

Tonner's Revlon Collection Online

I love the Liquid Metal outfit...

New England love....

I heart this book.  I just got it yesterday and I want to knit like a billion things from it.  Most of the items and very wearable...I want to make them all.  Get it.

Cherished Friends Cami & Jon Exclusive Rose & Chrys

Using the Suzette and Stella molds shrunk down to the antoinette scale.  I like the Suzette version in raven hair.  The Stella version looks smooshed and a bit pissy to me.  The retail at $84.99 and some of the proceeds go to the Shriner's Hospital.