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30th Anniversary "Showtime" Jem Exclusive to ShopBop & More Jem Swag

After some wild speculation, we finally have photos of the ShopBop exclusive Jem.  Showtime Jem is basically a Classic Jem with the color variations seen on the cartoon.  The price is pretty reasonable and I think this is a nice way to give people another chance at the iconic look for Jem while still keeping the original Classic Jem special.  The edition size is very worrisome though.  I think they could have done 750 at least.  I know there are many collectors that missed the first version of her and yet more still that would like this color variation. Shopbop has limited it to two per customer and these could very well sell out in a hurry.  I still have not decided to try for her or not.  I would love to get the outfit variation but it is not really necessary.  I was even considering selling my Classic Jem recently...hmmmm.  Decisions.  Maybe if I do get this one, then I would sell Classic Jem.  
The non-smiling Jerrica face is a nice touch.  The original Hasbro Jem was similarly n…

IT News: MLP Inspired Dolls = Apocalypse (evidently)

Yeesh.  I will never understand the "get off my lawn" mentality of some doll collectors.  When IT unveiled the newest line, a Hasbro My Little Pony inspired doll line, you would have thought it was the end of the world. Granted, this is a slightly unusual idea that will only appeal to a small section of current IT collectors...I am pretty confident that the whole point of this BUSINESS MOVE by IT is to appeal to NEW COLLECTORS!!!!  My Little Pony is super popular y'all.  It has appeal for people into retro 80's kitsch and is also popular with new younger collectors.  This is a move that is bound to generate some press AND bring new people to Integrity.  NEW COLLECTORS ARE GOOD FOR EVERYONE!  So while some of you are huddled in your fall out shelters with your NRFB Ponytail Swirls and Vanessa 1.0 facemolds and a pristine Bergdorf Poppy...the rest of the sensible world will just keep on collecting and just NOT BUY THINGS WE DON'T LIKE.  Why folks gotta hate on eac…

FR: As Dusk Falls Eugenia Doll

New doll...only a little time left to order her from IT.  There is no limit on this one.  I am passing.  I love the hair color and that belt is amazing...but I don't need another evening gown. I especially don't need another BLACK evening gown.  

Item # 91388 As Dusk Falls Eugenia Perrin Frost™ Dressed Doll  The Fashion Royalty® Collection
2014 Design Competition Award Doll by Julia Leroy Edition Size: TBA (Based on all orders received, see ordering information below)
Suggested Retail Price: $150 public/$130 W Club Members (+ Shipping and tax if applicable)
Estimated Delivery Date: Approximately Winter 2015/2016
Doll Tech Specs:
Head Sculpt: Eugenia Body Type: FR 2013 Quick Switch Feature: No Skin Tone: FR White Hair Colors: Golden Blond Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied
Eugenia could not be more proud to walk the red carpet wearing her sleek new "Culte de Paris" gown by Julia Leroy!
Eugenia Perrin Frost is a 12.5-inch fully articulated vinyl doll with sophisticated fully rooted hair a…

Out of This World & Mood Changers Poppy Parker Dolls

It has been raining dolls around here.  Integrity's timing has been impeccably disastrous for my wallet. Techrat, Veronique giftset, upgrade Agnes and Faux Sean, Dania, Paris Jem...and I am still unable to debox them as I have not completed the display case set up.  I still have to refinish a table on which the display case will set.  Hoping to get that done today as I am eager to get these dolls on display and get the boxes up into the attic (or the recycling bin...haven't decided how I am handling The Great Box Dilemma).

In my recent doll purges before the move, I widdled my Poppy collection down to just the Girl from Integrity.  I ordered the 2015 W Club Mood Changers doll because I wanted the long raven hair Poppy with the aqua makeup.  She does not disappoint.  I was planning to sell the other two heads but both are really tempting in person.  Le sigh.  The best laid plans.  I am giving it another week to decide.  I bought the extra bodies so I could sell them a a full do…

Tulabelle 2.0! Sassy new updated look.

Integrity won me over years ago with their amazing detail and fashion forward designs for 1/6 scale dolls. When they launched the Tulabelle line, I was in love with the youthful looks and the amazing value.  For at least fifty dollars less than other 16" dolls from competing companies, you would get a nice doll, amazing shoes and jewelry, a killer outfit, and a great handbag or hat.

IT has come back with a new wave of Tulabelle dolls but with a brand new "mature" head sculpt.  Other collectors have noticed a likeness to FR16 doll Hanne Erickson.  I can see the similarities (especially in Idol Thoughts) but I also still see the influence of Poppy Parker (the grandmother of Tulabelle).  The new sculpt definitely fits more in the realm of the FR16 models.  The original Tula sculpt is much more cartoony and youthful by comparison.  I like the first one...but I also like this new one.  I am trying hard to cut back on doll purchases in general...that said, I am REALLY tempt…

Collector's Shame: Moving as a Wake Up Call & Healthy Collecting Strategies

-"I just know I left that Arc of the Covenant around here somewhere..."

I just moved from Chicago to Charlotte.  I knew we were moving when I took my new job in late April and that I had to be in Charlotte August 1st. I thought that I had started early enough to not make it a horrible experience...but alas, I think that there is no way that moving is anything less than a horrible experience.  I liken it to a root canal only slightly less enjoyable.

Quite possibly the worst part of it was the severe wake up call that I had in regards to my spending and collecting habits.  It was abundantly clear after two weeks of packing that I had a metric crap ton of stuff. Insane amounts of stuff. Ludicrous amounts. More stuff than anyone should have. Fabric, yarn, fiber, magazines, books, action figures, dolls, makeup, clothes, etc... I wistfully looked at those festive hipsters living in tiny houses in exotic places like Portland and wished I could have such restraint. While packing I …

New Jem Dolls!!! Starstruck Jem & Craig!

Finally.  Some new swag!  I am excited about the Starstruck outfit. I was always a big fan of this outfit on the cartoon and begged for the Hasbro outfit as a kid. It looks very well executed and those boots!!! BOOTS!  Love them.  I, like many collectors, were bummed that we are not getting the star-shaped guitar.  I might have to make my own.  The accessories on both of these dolls are a bit lackluster.  It would have liked to see acoustic drums for Craig. I am not completely in love with Craig.  I wish they would have used a new sculpt instead of repeating Riot. With the edition sizes being so low on these IT Direct exclusives, I dare not risk skipping him for fear that I would never be able to afford him if I change my mind later.  I plan to have him wear my vintage Hasbro green bomber jacket.

Item # 14061 Starstruck Jem™ Dressed Fashion Doll The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS™ Collection Adult Collectible Limited Edition Size of 500 Dolls Estimated Ship Date: Approximately Early Winter 2015 Sugge…

W Club 2015 Exclusive-Black Tie Ball Vanessa

There is no such thing as an un-opinionated doll collector. We all have our quirks and know what we like (sometimes only when we see it) and sometimes only when we are told what we are seeing.  So when the latest W Club doll came out and the sculpt was listed as Vanessa 3.0, it seems like some collectors ignored her on principle. The next day we were told that she actually had the 1.0 original sculpt and more than a few reversed their opinion.  I am not criticizing. I just found it a little amusing and more proof of what a fickle lot we are and just how hard these companies have to work to keep us happy. 
My take on the doll: while I love platinum hair,  I am not wild about the facial screening. She seems a little drugged to me.  I also do not collect formal gowns so the fashion does nothing for me.  I am a late comer to fashion royalty so I have no real loyalties to the early sculpts.  I am actually quite fond of 3.0 and I bought the pale blonde Vanessa with the cream and black out…