IT News: MLP Inspired Dolls = Apocalypse (evidently)

Yeesh.  I will never understand the "get off my lawn" mentality of some doll collectors.  When IT unveiled the newest line, a Hasbro My Little Pony inspired doll line, you would have thought it was the end of the world. Granted, this is a slightly unusual idea that will only appeal to a small section of current IT collectors...I am pretty confident that the whole point of this BUSINESS MOVE by IT is to appeal to NEW COLLECTORS!!!!  My Little Pony is super popular y'all.  It has appeal for people into retro 80's kitsch and is also popular with new younger collectors.  This is a move that is bound to generate some press AND bring new people to Integrity.  NEW COLLECTORS ARE GOOD FOR EVERYONE!  So while some of you are huddled in your fall out shelters with your NRFB Ponytail Swirls and Vanessa 1.0 facemolds and a pristine Bergdorf Poppy...the rest of the sensible world will just keep on collecting and just NOT BUY THINGS WE DON'T LIKE.  Why folks gotta hate on each other? No one is forcing you to buy anything.

I also don't get the hate towards new collectors coming into the W Club and on boards.  Jem fans who joined IT did not always get a warm reception.  I fear this will continue to happen as long as people live under the completely ridiculous notion that they are getting LESS of the the things that they love because IT is diversifying with newer lines and styles.  That is what healthy businesses do people.  New blood is crucial.  I read a post where someone said, "I hope we don't get all those bronies joining the w club"...and I realize this is silly doll collecting...but damn, what sort of narrow minded horse poop is that kind of talk?  If we can't be inclusive and welcoming in a DOLL FORUM well then...I guess people should all just take their dolls and go home.

And for the record, I am unlikely to buy these but I will wait and see them before I make my final judgement.  I was a MLP fan back in the day but don't really have a big draw to it right now.  I am intrigued to see the new body design for the female doll mentioned in the press release.  I am guessing it will be a hybrid of the JEM body with a smaller bust line perhaps?


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