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Tonner 2015 Mainline Preview

Tonner released his mainline preview.  The biggest shock was that most of the dolls were actually already in stock.  The Jupiter Ascending dolls are darn pretty.  They really did a nice job on the sculpt and the outfits.  Not my thing but I can't say that I am not tempted.  There are several new Diana Prince dolls and fashions.  I am definitely planning to get Agent Diana.  She is amazing.  The only other one that interests me is the fashion from Golden Princess.  I hate the bangs on the rest of the girls...and the wigs.  Hate wigs.  HATE EM!  I'd like to pick up the star spangled bathing suit on the basic doll at some point though.  I think Tonner is smart to get a two-fer out of  Wonder Woman by giving comic geeks a little something and Tyler collectors a little something.  The fashion offerings are the classic sportswear offerings that typifies Tonner's design aesthetic.  I am left unmoved though.

2015 W Club Registration is Open!

The link to the register packet is here!  Finally.  We were all on pins and needles eagerly awaiting upgrade dolls and such.  The price to register is still the same $50 and you get $20 of that back to buy one of the five exclusive club dolls.  This time the club dolls will be at least two FR dolls (one might be a Nu Face!), one Poppy, one Jem, and one mystery doll. Plus access to "right to buy" lottery dolls, dealer coupons, sneak peaks, first to know look at upcoming lines that let you get a jump on your pre-orders...etc.  I have never regretted joining and I really enjoy the W Club forum most of all.

You have until February 16th to join.

Now onto the upgrade dolls.  Agnes is a no brainer.  I adore platinum dolls and I think she is stunning.  I can't wait to pose her with the recent Elise and Agnes from the 2014 Convention.  I also like the sheath and hat.  I am not feeling the Poppy.  Though cute, I am just not interested. In fact, I have been contemplating giving up …

2015 Barbie Club Open for new members...

I signed up for the first time. Not sure what to expect.  I don't really collect Barbie...but I do really love the furniture and some of the fashions they have had recently that would work with my FR dolls.  The membership is only $24.95 and you get some nice what the heck.  Plus, you get an adorable little barbie sunglasses case as a membership gift.

Tonner Special Agent Diana Prince and Bombshell Supergirl

Tonner previewed some of the upcoming 2015 lineup including the Diana Prince doll collection.  Once again there are several outfits and dressed dolls vaguely inspired by Wonder Woman. The big surprise is the Terry Dodson uniform Special Agent Diana Prince. According to the tag she will retail at $189.99.  I am excited and totally love her.

Post by Wilde Imagination.

Also on display is a Bombshell Supergirl.  She looks adorable and just like the original art. I hope we get the Wonder Woman version too..heck I would be tempted by any doll from the bombshell line.