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Truly Outrageous! My new Jem Dolls...

So I knew I was going to love these...but I was totally blown away.  Integrity really hit these out of the park. the attention to detail is amazing....from the accessories, to the boxes to the amazing facial screening.  I cannot remember the last time I have been so pleased with a purchase.  I felt like a kid again while deboxing these and reminded of why I do this crazy weirdo hobby...for the glamour, glitter, fashion and fame...and FUN.

The runaway hit is by far Synergy.  I think a lot of people were sort of wishy washy on her based on the images, but in person she is gorgeous!  Great haircolor, amazing outfit with a wonderful holographic fabric.  The frosty eye treatment with a hint of a pupil is a killer effect.  I love the two sets of hands as well.  Her eye makeup is gorgeous and the sculpt is also perfect and really looks like the cartoon.  Both Synergy and Jem needed some hair help straight from the box though.  There is a lot of product in both of these gals hair and it get…

$15 off of $40 at Sideshow Collectibles...

If you are on the fence about anything from Sideshow might want to jump in right now.  They have a Mayan Apocalypse discount code of $15 off all in stock merchandise until 12/23/2012.  The code is 122112.  Get yourself a Captain America Hot Toys or something like that.

30% off at Dolls Magazine Today only!

Check it out.  I bought the two pattern books that I have been eyeing for awhile (one for Ellowyne and another that features patterns for several dolls).  Also...I got the Jem Exclusive SDCC cover magazine.

Blog Article About Little Ole' Me

Shameless self-promotion....Read about me and Lifeline Theatre!

Photo...costumes from Watership Down!

Awesome Makeup Site Illamasqua

Just found this site...

So cool.  Wonderful ideas for both street looks, runway, and costume/theatrical styles.  Also tutorials!

Superdoll Pond

This is the first one in a LONG time that I have found vaguely tempting.


revenge is best served wearing green

GEN 3:2 
Venus clone

Wearing a figure hugging sequin dress and olive wool overcoat this red head beauty is ready for anything.
Lime green eyes with black eyeliner, blueberry blushed mauve lips and smokey green eye shadow 
Metallic and olive pvc heels and matching bag completes her look.
Accessories include handcuff earrings, super-visor and glam-lipmask

Includes dollstand and applied eyelashes.

Production shown . 
In stock ready to ship.
click here for superimage
In stock
Price: £397.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)