Truly Outrageous! My new Jem Dolls...

So I knew I was going to love these...but I was totally blown away.  Integrity really hit these out of the park. the attention to detail is amazing....from the accessories, to the boxes to the amazing facial screening.  I cannot remember the last time I have been so pleased with a purchase.  I felt like a kid again while deboxing these and reminded of why I do this crazy weirdo hobby...for the glamour, glitter, fashion and fame...and FUN.

The runaway hit is by far Synergy.  I think a lot of people were sort of wishy washy on her based on the images, but in person she is gorgeous!  Great haircolor, amazing outfit with a wonderful holographic fabric.  The frosty eye treatment with a hint of a pupil is a killer effect.  I love the two sets of hands as well.  Her eye makeup is gorgeous and the sculpt is also perfect and really looks like the cartoon.  Both Synergy and Jem needed some hair help straight from the box though.  There is a lot of product in both of these gals hair and it gets a little flat and matted in the package.  But this is the 80's gotta tease it.  So I gave them both a gentle rinse of warm water, a quick towel dry and then teased with a doll comb.  The combination of teasing with the leftover product resulted in a great looking hairstyle that looks more like the cartoon or the wondeful illustrations on the original packaging.  Rio and Jerrica seemed fine out of the box. Jerrica's little handbag is great FYI. I like these new bodies ALOT.  The hands and feet are great.

The only problems I had were with one of my Jemstar earrings being pretty mangled and Jerrica was packaged without her stand base.  I am assuming that was a fubar and I will be contacting Integrity hoping for a replacement.  For now I have her chilling in a chair.

The boxes were great for these dolls and I used two of mine to make a stage for display.  I used one without the overwrap as the stage floor.  You need to put something under the angled portion of the box or else it is tippy.  I then stood up another box and pushed the Jem overwrap thing to the top of the box to make the stage backdrop.  I keep hoping I will come across my old Hasbro Jem stage or Speaker Dressing Room as I think the scale would still work for these dolls.  They are in my mom's garage and/or attic somewhere.... I've added a few groupies to the mix.

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