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Jem,& the Holograms Dolls! Woot!


Integrity Toys, Inc. in collaboration with Hasbro, Inc. Announce JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS Collectible Fashion Dolls

First of the High-End Collectible Fashion Doll Line Based on the 1980s Animated Series Available at the 2012 Comic-Con International in San Diego

Integrity Toys, Inc., under license from Hasbro, Inc., today announced a brand-new series of high-end collectible fashion dolls based on the 1980's ground breaking animated series JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS, launching at 2012 Comic-Con International in San Diego.  Inspired by the "truly outrageous" characters created by Hasbro over two decades ago and cherished by fans and collectors alike ever since, this nostalgic retro doll line is designed to pay homage to both the animated series and its original companion doll line, originally marketed from 1985 to 1987. Created for fans by fans of the rock 'n shock pink haired pop-culture icon and her outrageous world, this classic commemorativ…

Tonner One Day Sale June 13th 11a Central

From Tonner's facebook page-ONE DAY SALE next week!! Mark your calendars and synchronize your watches for Wednesday, June 13th at Noon EDT! There will be crazy discounts on already marked down items, but for 24 hours only, so don't miss it! Ends Thursday June 14th at Noon EDT.

According to follow up comments...all in-stock items will be on sale but convention product won't be included.  Hopefully I can nab an Andromeda for a good price.  I could possibly be tempted by Star Sapphire if she is on sale as well though I have never been a big lantern fan.  I do like that sculpt and the hair though and she would make a nice 16" Huntress if i made her an outfit.  I would like to get Dove at some point as well to make a Birds of Prey group...I suppose I will have to make my own Lady Blackhawk/aka Zinda Blake as well...perhaps a Lady Shiva too.

Wilde Weekend Registration is Open

Register Now.  Sadly I cannot go though I think I have secured a proxy.

New Amelia Thimble items & Free Shipping

Cute as ever...

NEW Items for Amelia Thimble!
Now thru June 12th receive a Free Gift with any Amelia Thimble purchase of $75 or More!  And did we mention each Amelia Thimble item will ship for FREE* thru June 12th at midnight, EST?  *Free shipping within Continental U.S. only; International friends just send us an email with the subject line: AMELIA and we'll issue a $9.95 shipping credit.

Haunted By Hot Toys Hawkeye...Who wants to buy me this?

It has been a long while since I have actively considered buying something in a new scale, format, etc.  I have been stalking this action figure on Sideshow Toys for two weeks now.  I have added it to my basket and nearly completed checkout at least five times.  It is haunting me.  I so want to get it but still can't seem to pull the trigger.

But it looks sooo good.  And I love that character and that actor.  But it would also look soooo out of place in my collection.  And then I would need to get Black Widow as well when she comes out...and then you see, we have a downward spiral.

But look how awesome he is....

Best Movie Weekend Ever! Snow White & Prometheus

I am thinking that sunday might be spent in a dark there are not one but TWO movies I am dying to see: Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman.  First both movies contain ridiculously hot men. Christopher Hemsworth, aka olde abs forsoothing of yumminess and Michael Fassbender...who might just make my List after this film.  (His turn as the double agent in Inglorious Bastards was sooo good and his Magneto...well I need only say wetsuit....yum).

Anyway, we are talking about horror here as well.  Snow White & the Hunstmen, based on the trailers, seems to be taking the fairy tale to a dark place.  The visuals from the trailer and stills look stunning.  I believe Colleen Atwood did the costumes.  She is Tim Burton's go-to designer and such a perfect choice for a dark fantasy film.  If the movie is half as gory as the original Grimm tales, then we will at least get some bloody hearts, poisonings, some dead virgins, and dwarves.  Sounds like a horror movie …