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2018 FR Capsule Collection: Boudoir. Yowza.

Well, it's almost April and my dolly resolve is crumbling a bit. Integrity just surprised us with a capsule collection of Fashion Royalty Ladies rocking lingerie. Designed by Jessy Ayala, three dolls are available from dealers and two as lottery exclusives. The "close-up" dolls retail for $125 and have really low edition sizes. Most are likely sold out from dealers...but one might try couture dolls as they often list things later. The holiday weekend might also mess with ordering have faith and maybe you will find one. I managed to resist all but one: Dasha. I currently only have the Anika version of Dasha (whom I love dearly) and this new version is winning it for me.   I think people are considering homicide in order to get a chance at lottery Vamp Agnes.

Thoughts below in blue:

I've yet to warm up to the Isha 1.0 sculpt. The lingerie gorgeous though. Pretty hair color too.
Item # 91434 Just a Tease Mademoiselle Jolie™ Close-up Doll Fashion Royalty®: The Boudoir…

Dress like Line

So I might have broken my no-new-clothes resolution due to cuteness overload at They have a great collection of Barbie inspired clothing featuring retro barbie fashions. I found a code to get a nice discount U-2M95CD. Needless to say, many many things jumped in my cart.

I picked up this skirt so cute.

Dol-valanche! When all your pre-orders show up in the same two weeks!

Panic. Full on panic. That was the feeling that I and many other collectors felt when we got a recent shipping release update from IT. Several dolls that were expected in late spring and here like NOW! Poppy London Wave, Metamorphosis Erin, Golden Holiday Poppy, Alta Moda Karolin, Glimmer East 59th...umm i am sure I am mentally blocking out some to protect my fragile psyche. Luckily I only have two poppies on order...but of course I entered in the lottery for the caped Poppy...and Nordstrom Elyse...and the waitlist for Erin Metamorphosis.


Not to mention, the last wave of Jem dolls dropping. For some wackadoo reason, I ordered doubles. WHAAATTTTT!  Luckily I found some folks to take those extras off of my hands. I might end up selling Farewell Jem nude but will wait to see what her face looks like in person. In the promo photos, she looks a boozey? I currently lack the space to display the extra holograms...but I have already pretty stripped down the Jem displays w…

Tonner 2018 Toyfair Release-More Wonder Woman...Shut up and Take My Money

Oh dear. This is going to be an expensive year. I'm definitely wanting Training Armor Diana. She looks stunning...and I think the face paint on this one is even better than the first version. I will likely get the blue dress too. I think I am going to skip the black coat and just make my own. It looks great, but feels too short for me. It looks like it comes to the ground in the film stills....and $50 feels like a lot for something that I know that I could make. Hmmm.

T18DCDD01 Wonder Woman-Training Armor - $210.00
Sheltered from the reality of the real world, the Amazonian Princess Diana prepares for her unknown destiny.  Featuring a beautifully accurate portrait sculpt of Gal Gadot with hand painted details, this ¼ scale figure on the new 16" RTB 101 hard plastic/vinyl body, is heavily articulated and outfitted in an exacting replica of the Themyscira training armor as worn in the Wonder Woman movie.  The removable molded armor is movie accurate and hand painted.  “Bracelets …