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Tonner August 2011 Releases: Miss Marvel!

Miss Marvel with big boobs... Uchi Soto, Freedom for Fashion doll in a stylishly structured evening gown, and a simple but cute outfit for Cami & Jon, Sag Harbor

Miss marvel looks nice but I am not a fan of the character.  I do love that Lana sculpt though.

Knitty Fall 2011 Surprise!

Love this Quercus cardigan!

Quercus[above], by designer Julie Turjoman, is a half-sleeved cardigan with just enough cabling to keep the knitting interesting, and a silhouette that can flatter almost any body shape.

Woot I'm in the final 15! Vote for my dress in the Shabby Apple contest!

Mine is dress #10...Take a Memo.  Check out all the awesome entries and vote for your favorite *cough #10 cough*.

Design for Shabby Apple Challenge...

Here is my design for the Shabby Apple Dresses Design Challenge.  I went with a retro wiggle dress style that I love to wear.  There is a great 1940's vintage blouse in the college costume shop that is an acid green with purple accents.  This is my color inspiration.  I also love purple on red heads and was totally in love with the purple coat Julianne Moore wore in the last scene of Crazy Stupid Love.   An additional color option would be a greenish grey, with army green and red accents and gold buttons for a more military feel.  The fabric would be some sort of cotton with a bit of stretch and maybe a dash of wool so that it could be nicely tailored but also have a bit of forgiveness. A summer weight wool would be aces. The design is called "Take a Memo" honor of Joan...the sexiest secretary ever.

August 10th Tonner Releases: Twilight Jane & Miss Revlon Fashions

So here we have Tonner's new system of releasing the dolls as they are ready to ship instead of the eternal waiting.  This new system will probably help with buyer's remorse...or the fading excitement that you get when you pre-order a bunch of stuff and then have it not arrive until the following year.  My mom will be excited about the Miss Revlon outfits.  Jane looks alright but I guess I was hoping for a better likeness to the spooky little Dakota Fanning.  But industrious customizers can now make their very own Runaways dolls with the Kristen Stewart Bella doll and this new Jane doll.