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Go Naked! Set available from Superdoll!

Go Naked! Accessory Set available from Superdoll/Superfrock. Roughly $55. Comes with a nude round neck cardigan, hand-crocheted anklets, and divine stiletto courts in nude lace. All in's a pretty reasonable deal from Superdoll for what is being offered. I am vaguely tempted. Limited to 100 pieces.

And keep an eye on the website for more of the 2008 items...the most recent email said they will be going up shortly. The items are called No Ballet, Pride, and Mass...and there may or may not be two more called White Hot Heat and's hard to tell with the Superfrock emails...they tend to be cryptic.

Wizard World Philly...Comics & Dolls!

Weee....convention season. I am for sure going to Wizard World Chicago and San Diego Comic Con...I wish I could hit Philly though for some of the exclusives. Tonner will be there again and has a Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy Doll exclusive limited to 100pcs (I WANT IT) looks like she has flat feet too. The most recent Tonner Direct email suggests that the three collector's dolls will all be Arkham Asylum inmates. So going on that, the only Batman villains we have at the moment are Ivy, Joker, and Harley. We could potential get a Batman in the Asylum too...which might be cool. I am hoping that Catwoman makes an appearance though. That would be swell. They will also have Kyrpto and Superman along with Lois and Lana (suprise!!! they clearly kept a few back to sell at the convention). I think this is a good sign for fans of the Lana and Lois sculpt (like me...I love them both!). I imagine we will be seeing more of Lana for sure. I think Lois needs a bit of repainting but she…

Weekend of Knitting Tra la!

I was a knittin' fool this past weekend and finished up loads of little projects. I tore through a skein of Manos Del Uruguay Silk blend yarn and made the wavy ridge wristwarmers, flower pin, and coffee mit from the One Skein Wonders book. Pics to come shortly. I also started the be-ribboned baby booties form the book too but I ran out of yarn before I could now I have to hunt down another skein. boo.

I also finished the yellow lace mat from my recently purchased Georgian Sampler pack from Knit Picks.

My next project is to try Two at a Time Socks using the Knit Picks Felicin self striping yarn. I bought Coney Island, Gelato and Provence! After staring at the directions a couple of times and watching a Magic Loop How-to video on YouTube, I think I finally have a clue as to how this works. Plus, it will be swell to have both socks finished at once for a change. I just need to hunt down some reinforcing yarn for the heels. Though I am loathe to go into a knit store…

Sydney BJD & Viktor Dreary Exclusives at Bearzabout!

And so it continues...

Beazabout Doll Store has a Sydney BJD up for preorder for $550, limited to 100 pcs. They also have a Viktor Dreary with a fun white streak in his hair and a long black pinstripe suit but no price up for it.

I still need to get a Viktor...I wanted to buy one at the convention but had not a second to walk around the sales room. Ugh.

Memorial Day Sale at Cherished Friends!

Good deals here...I am sorely tempted to get another Mary Jane doll...and I don't have the Mina...if anything these are fairly cheap bendy wrist body donors...and Mary Jane comes with an outfit AND the new saddle stand. Grrr...i might have just talked myself into it.

Sale at Fashion Boulevard!

They have a nice sale on over at Fashion Boulevard. The shoes are always killer with these outfits. I am tempted to nab one of the space numbers for Luna.

Halloween 2008 Tonner Convention Registration is Live! Nearly Sold Out!

I caved and registered for the Halloween Tonner Convention 2008. I will be getting a table again assuming the price isn't crazy and hopefully I will sell a bit more this time. But I still did pretty well considering it was my first outing. There will be a new head and body sculpt for the convention doll. I cannot wait to find out what that is! I hope there is another DC event and something with little Agnes Dreary.

**Update- Miss Nancy from Tonner said that they expect registration to be sold out by Monday! So get it will the getting's good, yall.

I am really excited for this one. Halloween is totally my bag and I cannot wait to create a bunch of spooky themed stuff to sell. Plus the competition categories are sure to be fun.

Superdoll Alert...New Items up for Order!

They have the Thyme outfit and the Discobum chaise lounge up for order...

Convention Dolls at Tonner Direct!

Click to order! Items will be in the store for a limited time starting friday.

Lots of Doll Items for Sale!

Check out my show and sell doll gallery for lots of new items and repaints for Tyler, Ellowyne, and the Sybarites.

$15 off $75 order at Wilde Imagination!

Finally! A promo code for Ellowyne Wilde that's good until May 31st. I am ordering the very cute It's only me outfit that I fell in love with this weekend at the Tonner Convention. I really want a few other outfits...but only one at a time for now. The code is EWH... Also, they have the new a very cute Rufus Rutter doll and a new Prudence from the convention as well as a wigged out Prudence doll. And be sure to check the adorable new high top sneakers in the accessory area.

Cherry Pjs for Ellowyne & Tyler $25

Cherry pjs made with cotton fabric and snap closures. These will fit 16" dolls and some msd sized dolls. Shipping will be $2 for US and $4 for international buyers. Send me an email at obviously removing the spam part....

Lots of great tidbits on the Tonner Blog!

There was a virtual q&a with lots of great info at the Tonner Blog! I was most excited to hear that Flash is coming soon. Weeee. I am so stoked for the DC Stars line. The Daily Planet Lunch at the convention was so awesome. The Lana and Lois dolls were amazing and the outfits were some of the best ever made in my opinion. And Superman and Krypto were perfection. The fact that Superman had fist hands made me squeal for joy. I am in geek heaven. I wish he cam with regular hands too though to make the change into Clark Kent easier though. I am planning to make a phone booth for Superman...tee hee.

Tyler & Ashleigh BJD and Cherished Friends Alice Exclusive!

I am a freak for Alice in Wonderland...and I do love the goth the new exclusive Alice for Cherished Friends is definitely a MUST HAVE for me!

Cherished Friends and Angelic Dreamz both have the exclusives for the new Tyler BJD! I just got the Cinderella one this weekend at convention and the sculpting on the hands is totally amazing. These are very very cool dolls and I plan to get one when i can muster the cash! They retail for $550 plus shipping. They each come with three wigs and the typical bodysuit and shoes. Angelic Dreamz is including extra eyes with their orders and shipping is $10. She will be able to wear all the same clothes as the vinyl Tyler!

Cherished Friends' homepage says they have four more exclusives coming up as well...that groan you hear is my bank account and my boyfriend reacting to more incoming dolls.

Two Day Dreamers has an exclusive BJD Ashleigh as well. Same price..

I am holding out fr a Stella sculpt I think. I really love that sculpt. …

FS: Tonner Convention Dolls and More

Convention was a blast...but I am now very very poor. I will soon be posting all my other goodies that were left over from my vendor table too...

Just got home and here's what I want to part with...I am accepting some trades and there is a list at the bottom of the post...and of course money is good too. I can take paypal and I have feedback on ebay under alyrenee.

-BJD Posey Tiny Betsy $150 (so cute but I got the companion doll and she's even one of em has got to go!)
-Nude Lady G $600 (flatfooted resin bjd)*

*She's gorgeous...and I love the outfit...just not a fan of the Cinderella I might get a tyler bjd to be my lady g. She would come with the box, stand, doll, pillows, etc...but no wig shoes or outfit.

Other stuff:
Nude FAO Ballerina Red Head Emilie w/stand (no original box) $40
Mary Jane Waitress outfit $20
Nude Aspen Sydney w/orginal hair and facepaint $40

Trades: DC Stars Batman, Joker outfit, nude Cosmo (white alien), Lord Asriel Golden Compass doll…

AHHH! Convention rapidly approaching!

Ugh...I have sooo much to do and very little time to finish up. I will have some things ready but of course not as much as I would have liked. But then again, this whole thing is an experiment. I am not even sure I want to put all this effort into making doll fashions. So we shall see.

My current list of items for sale for the event:

-basic reversible skirts for Tyler and Ellowyne
-one of a kind recycled fashions for Evangeline and Ellowyne
-Millinery Couture for Ellowyne and Tyler with outfits to match some
-some basic t-shirts
-a few outfits
-a few repaints at very cheap prices
-some older Tonner dolls I want to purge
-very cute cherry print pjs for Tyler and Ellowyne
-possibly more pjs if I finish them!

I'll see you all there!

$13 of at Wilde Imagination for Now What?

The promo code is EWG...for $13 off Now What?. I have this doll and think she is the bee's knees. The hair is gorgeous and the outfit is very cool. Plus killer boots and a very nice little crochet purse.

Tonner Updates....Speculation!

Check out the May Newsletter from Tonner! There is a ton of teaser info that is making me squirm.

And AHHHHH! There's a picture of Poison Ivy in here Arkham Asylum uniform...I love it!! She is limited to 100pcs for the Wizard World Philly Convention. I must have her...who wants to buy her for me? It seems as if the summer convention exclusives are Batman's female villians. Since we have had Harley and Poison Ivy...Catwoman seems the most likely third member. Very exciting.

Also mentioned is a new license debuting at Wizard World money is on Indiana Jones.

And a teaser picture of Superman....I am going to Squeal with joy when I get to see him. Cannot wait to have my very own big blue boyscout! It sounds like they will have some at the Philly Wizard World. I hope they have them this weekend at the convention...i will be very poor by monday!

It also sounds like the San Diego variant will be Supergirl. I am betting it's the more modern Supergirl outfit in the sh…

Tonner Doll Convention Coming up! Blog Announced!

Weeeee! We are a few short days away from the Tonner Doll Convention in Lombard IL. The company has set up a blog to keep everyone updated on the event! I will be posting on my blog as well and I am hoping to get some interviews with some folks and perhaps put out a podcast. We shall see.

And be sure to head over to the Tonner Blog and post a comment. They will be doing a virtual raffle for prizes from those who posted.

Costumes and Makeup for Sketchbook 8

I am doing the costumes for Collaboraction's Sketchbook '08, a short-play festival opening May 15th at the Steppenwolf Garage and running to June 16th. Here is a fun production still from a video shoot we did on wednesday night. These are two characters from a black and white "Nosferatu" style film. I did the costumes and the makeup....enjoy...

Go see Ironman and Free Comic Book Day!

First of all...Ironman was AWESOME! I so loved this film and it was a great way to kick off the summer geeky movie-a-thon. Yee haw. Robert Downey Jr. was brilliant. The entire cast was perfect and the whole film just came together in such a marvelous way. I smiled the whole time. Be sure to stay for an extra scene after the credits that was a super sweet bonus. Now what does this have to do with anything on this blog? Well comics are one of those things for me. I love escaping into the world of superheroes. Ironman, while mostly a silly fun action movie, also has some interesting war/weapons discussions. Plus, Tony Stark is such a scoundrel. And I do love a scoundrel. Also, the character of Pepper Pots is a great one in this flick and possibly one of the first times I have really warmed up to Gywneth Paltrow. I cannot wait to see future flicks and I am enjoying the way Marvel is trying to create a world with their recent movies. By unifying the look and even having charac…

Festive Rib and Cable Socks

I am once again venturing into socklandia...

I have got one completed and plan to start the second this weekend. This was a pretty easy pattern called Ribs and Cables by Nancy Bush from the Interweave Knits Fall 2005 issue. I used Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn in "moose creek". I am really loving socks. I just got the 2 At a Time Socks book to learn the magic loop method so I expect more socks to fly off the needles shortly.

Jaunty Flower Tie

Finally took some photos of my finished and unfinished knitting projects...

I made a jaunty flower tie. Knit on sz 3 needles. I started with three cast on stitches. Working in garter stitch, I increased the number of stitches by one at the beginning of every wrong side row until I had 10 stitches total. Then I worked even until the scarf measured 40 inches and then bound off. I then folded over the bound off edge 2 inches and sewed it down creating a loop to insert the tie. I made two saw-tooth flowers that I learned from the Nikki Epstein Vogue Anniversary Scarf I have been making and then sewed those at the loop end...voila. Instant scarf that is wearable in the summer. The yarn was Filatura Di Crosi Millefile Fine Its a sport weight cotton yarn with yummy colors and a nice sheen.