AHHH! Convention rapidly approaching!

Ugh...I have sooo much to do and very little time to finish up. I will have some things ready but of course not as much as I would have liked. But then again, this whole thing is an experiment. I am not even sure I want to put all this effort into making doll fashions. So we shall see.

My current list of items for sale for the event:

-basic reversible skirts for Tyler and Ellowyne
-one of a kind recycled fashions for Evangeline and Ellowyne
-Millinery Couture for Ellowyne and Tyler with outfits to match some
-some basic t-shirts
-a few outfits
-a few repaints at very cheap prices
-some older Tonner dolls I want to purge
-very cute cherry print pjs for Tyler and Ellowyne
-possibly more pjs if I finish them!

I'll see you all there!
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