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Knit Picks Summer Sampler Kits

I am becoming quite the yarn whore lately and the stash is growing exponentially. I am doing pretty well on the small little projects and the yarn that has been coming in is indeed getting used bit by bit. I spend so much time in meetings and rehearsals that having something small tucked in my purse to work on has been a real lifesaver for me. So when I saw the yarn summer sampler offer at Knit Picks in these gorgeous colors and super cute patterns, I had to have it. I already have the Georgian Sampler on the way and am waiting for the Renaissance and Victorian sets to get back in stock on 5/9/08...And at $15 a set for 4-5 projects a set...that is an enitre summer of yarn-tainment for me! They hard part will be deciding what to keep and what to give away as gifts. I seem to get pretty attached to everything at the moment.

Col. Brandon anyone?

So Tonner has released pictures of the Harry Potter Professor Snape doll...he looks awesome! I am tempted to take my Jane Austen obsession to the next level and remake him as Col. Brandon....

Awesome Wonder Woman Custom Doll on Ebay!

This is a great looking doll!. The costume is fabulous! And the price is pretty reasonable for such a nice repaint with a very well-done costume. Ends sunday night so hurry!

Capt. Jack for $99

Sparrow that two day dreamers for $99. A total steal for this great doll.

Snow Whyte is Up at FAO

Here she is! And she is brutally expensive at $200. Ugh. I love these Re-Imagination dolls yet I have not a single one due to the price. The outfits are great and the concept rules...but not for $200. Especially when these aren't even licensed its not like there is some overhead being passed onto the consumer. I will admit that there is a ton of detail work in the costumes...but this price ranged was originally only for the super fancy beaded costume dolls. And really, in times like these, do I really need another doll? My only hope is that they will have these at the Tonner Convention in the raffle room and I will get very lucky. Or perhaps FAO will have a sale...sigh. me wants her.

Who the heck made this crap? Custom Woven Labels Will Let Them Know!

After hunting around online today, I finally found a place to get woven labels at a price that did not scare me. I have been meaning to get some for awhile to put into my doll creations and things that I knit or sew...but I finally did something about it today. Hopefully they will turn out nice. Once I get a bit more organized, I need to design a logo and then get some color ones made...but for the meantime these will be swell.

15% off at Tonner Direct!

In honor of New York Comic Con, Tonner Direct is having a 15% off sale. Harley and Batman are very very tempting....

The sale seems to be only on the comic-book type characters in the "Pop Culture" section like the DC Stars, Spiderman, and Harry Potter, FYI.

Tonner Salesroom is a go!

Well I got in the sales now I HAVE to muster up some stuff to sell. I have already made several hats and some other stuff...but I need to hit the ground running this week. Wish me luck!

Domiknitrix! Awesome knitting designs!

I bought this book,Domiknitrix: Whip Your Knitting into Shape, while on holiday in San Francisco. I love the designs in the book and the basic knitting instructions in the beginning actually taught me something. Shocking I know. The patterns are very cheeky and sexy. I am thinking of making the Bob Dobbs sweater for moi. And I bet that mohawk hat would be a big hit as a Christmas gift.

The author, Jennifer Stafford, also has a really swell blog. Check it out! You can find errata for some of the patterns there. There are also some of the same how-to's from the book on the blog.

Renaissance Tyler for sale at Tonner Store!

She is limited to 100 pieces...get her while you can...

Sybarite Thyme Outfit Available!

The Thyme outfit is up on the site. Looks like the Ban the Hunt fashions are now sold out and only Sage is left for the Fashion Victim dressed dolls. I somehow managed to miss the Kill Kelly Black Trenchcoat entirely.

Tiny Millinery Adventures- Hats for Ellowyne Wilde

So here's my current project...or at least the one that I am actually working on...all others are being ignored. I have been making hats for Tonner's Tyler and Wilde Imagination's Ellowyne and Evangeline Ghastly. Assuming I actually get a table at the Tonner Convention (no confirmation yet), I will be selling these and outfits to match. Most likely the outfits will be one of a kinds based on the amounts of fabric I have. I am also doing OOAK fashions for dolls using recycled clothing. It's been a fun project to re-imagine a human-size dress into something for a doll.

Here's a hat preview:

$25 off new Cemetary Wedding Evangeline Ghastly Dressed Doll

Take $25 OFF when you enter promo code EGB at checkout. Offer expires 4/18.

New Evangeline Ghastly™ Cemetery Wedding

A prettier bride there never was – Evangeline is 18” tall and crafted in pale luminescent resin with inset eyes, high-quality wig, striking hand-painted features, and completely ball jointed.
She is dressed in an ivory silk burnout gown with a beaded lace bodice with shirred puffs of burnout over a trumpet skirt with train, and dead flowers on the bustle. Her veil is tulle with a ring of matching dead flowers. Her shoes are satin and her hair is platinum, with lavendar eyes flecked with pink from crying. She also wears an antique cross around her neck, which she found in a drawer in the attic wrapped inside an old pair of pantaloons. She’s not sure who it belonged to, but the pantaloons were big enough to fit a family of five. She now wonders if she comes from a family of very large people. She’s ready for the ceremony – but is there a groom?

Expected Ship Date: In S…

Ack! There's an awesome Harley Quinn variant for NY Comic-con!

She is coming with a fun little pop gun and mallet! Waaaaaa! I want her! Mostly because she has short hair that will fit nicely under her cowl. They will be in booth #1127 and she will be $150. She's limited to 100 pieces...which will likely evaporate in a flash.

But good news is there will also be an exclusive at Wizard World Chicago...which happily I will be attending! Yee haw. I hope its cool.

FAO Exclusives- Re-Imagination Snow Whyte & Batman Giftset

Tonner has announced some spring exclusives for FAO!
The first is a Re-Imagination Snow Whyte!
Click to see pic! She's very, very pretty. I think that's an Emilie sculpt? But I cannot be sure. I can't wait to see what Lady G at the convention will be like. I hope I will be able to get all of these some day...but sadly lacking the funds at the moment. I just love all of the Re-Imagination Series and think it was a swell idea.

And another giftset to tempt you, this time with Bruce in a tux and his Batman costume. Its cool to have a tux for the bigger muscle-y bodies...too bad they did not use an alternate color scheme for the Batman costume. I would have loved a gray and black version. I wonder if he will have a trunk like the Peter Parker Spiderman set?

Do-It-Yourself Top Night!

Do-It-Yourself Top Night!
Too many plain, boring t-shirts and tank tops in your closet? Want some more glitter in your life? Do you wish you had more skulls on your shirts? Ever wanted to use a Bedazzler but were afraid to try?
Come one come all to
Strawdog Theatre Company's
D.I.Y. Top Night
(Formerly known as the Tank Top Competition)
this Saturday, April 5th at 8p!
Bring yourself, a plain tank top or t-shirt, any embellishments from home you might have, and money for beverages...(yes that's you can drink our fine beers while decorating your top with puffy paint). We will have, paints, stencils, studs, trims, and an ironing board available for you to unleash your inner crafty beaver! Also, an exciting slideshow presentation on the noble history of the t-shirt/tank top! Prepare to be enchanted! There will be plenty of books and images available to inspire creativity in everyone. And then once your shirt is done, put it on and strut your stuff on the
Strawdog Runw…

Sybarite Trapeze has landed!

Click on over to Angelic Dreamz to see pics of the actual doll. I did not realize she came with three wigs. that is pretty cool. I do love the handbag carrier. I have been looking for a bag to retrofit for my Blade.

Chick Friendly Comic Stores- Chicago Comic Vault & G-Mart

This is my comic store of choice and happily right down the street from me on the Northside of Chicago! They are always super nice and they even have a ladies night discount on thursdays! There's a weekly blog review/round up about this week's comics. In the store they have toys and a nice selection of geeky t-shirts for men and even ladies size t-shirts. So if you are in the Chicago and looking for a comic store that is not filled with condescending mouth-breathers who stare at your boobs...check out the Chicago Comic Vault. They

If you live on Westside, try Gmart Comics! The owner is a big Buffy fan and also not a condescending mouth-breather. They also have a store in Champaign, IL too. Huzzah!

And just as a tip, most comic stores will order anything you ask them to order. So even if you don't see it in the store, just ask. Anything found in Previews Magazine is usually fair game. That can included t-shirts, books, dvds, games, magazines, toys, sculptures, and …

Re-Imagination Alyce for $99.99

Dollmarket has Alyce on sale for $99! I think its a great price..but once again, I caved on Poison Ivy last week and Sister Dreary must come to my house soon. So I am resisting for the time being.

Speaking of Poison Ivy, got her yesterday...and WOW! I love her. What a gorgeous paint job on this doll and the hair is perfect. I love the little outfit too...especially the little silk leaves on the snazzy boots. Batman definitely has the hottest Rogues Gallery of all the superheroes!

Costume Distressing

One of the most frequent things I do as a costumer is make things dirty. Unlike fashion design, costumes focus on characters...and those characters, more often than not, tend to be dirty and unfashionable. We all own a t-shirt that is worn through and riddled with holes. We all have jeans with rips and frays and shorts with grass stains that we cannot seem to donate or toss out. Recreating these well-worn looks is a tricky job. You have to take something new and make it look as though time and use have done its work. Using a seam ripper, a rasp, and several runs through a washing machine with help things look worn. Paint, pigment powder, and dye can add stains and even more distressing. I have been known to put costumes on the road and run over them with a car several times. Or send an actor out in his costume around a muddy baseball field. Its always a glamorous adventure.

Watch the British TV Segment on Superfrock!

Head over to You Tube to see this segment about the making of Sybarites and then men behind the fashion doll juggernaut, Superfrock!

Must resist...Sister Dreary is in stores now...

Me wants her. But since I just caved on Poison Ivy last week there's no way I can justify another doll at the moment...

And for those of you that are keeping track, I did indeed submit a table request form for the Tonner Sales Room at the Convention. I already have some OOAK's for Ellowyne and Evangeline. Plus I plan on some limited edition separates for Tyler, Evangeline, Agnes, and Ellowyne. Preview pics soon.