FAO Exclusives- Re-Imagination Snow Whyte & Batman Giftset

Tonner has announced some spring exclusives for FAO!
The first is a Re-Imagination Snow Whyte!
Click to see pic! She's very, very pretty. I think that's an Emilie sculpt? But I cannot be sure. I can't wait to see what Lady G at the convention will be like. I hope I will be able to get all of these some day...but sadly lacking the funds at the moment. I just love all of the Re-Imagination Series and think it was a swell idea.

And another giftset to tempt you, this time with Bruce in a tux and his Batman costume. Its cool to have a tux for the bigger muscle-y bodies...too bad they did not use an alternate color scheme for the Batman costume. I would have loved a gray and black version. I wonder if he will have a trunk like the Peter Parker Spiderman set?
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