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Gimme Gimme Gimme Pizzazz! #immacraftybeaver

So this whole professor gig has some obvious benefits...the biggest being the lack of regular work hours for the summer. Granted, I still have TONS of work to do...namely research, creative research, yet still more research, and then...oh yeah...I have to learn how to direct a play this summer.  No biggie right?  ummmm...

I just got home from Chicago where I opened two plays: Northanger Abbey and Spinning.  Both are getting great reviews.  Northanger is some of my best work to date! All the travel and long hours has left me a bit brain fried this week.  So I decided to give myself a little "brain vacation" and focused on making some tiny clothes for my beloved Jem dolls!  So this week I finally finished four dresses for the Flipside fashion "Up and Rockin" in the yellow variant.  I still need to make the tights, belts, hats, and Jerrica's turtleneck...but once they are done I will have photos and some for sale.  I also make some more t-shirts for Jem and the H…

DC Bombshells Sewing Patterns!

Just got back from a quick run to ye olde Jo of Ann...and found three new costume patterns for Bombshell Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl!  They are adorable...and patterns were on sale for $ they jumped into my basket.  I might actually make Wonder Woman's blouse as I would totally wear that.

They also had a pattern for old school Joker and from the Marvel side of the nerd-verse...a cool Deadpool costume pattern!

Tonner Finally Tempts Me- DC Gotham Garage

It has been a LONG time since I have wanted to get a new Tonner doll. The last one I picked up was a Sydney Nu Mood via eBay to use as a body transplant for my Diana Prince-Princess of Paradise Island so that she could have flat feet to wear the festive Greek numbers I have made or collected. (BTW...this doll is GORGEOUS.  Great hair and makeup AND the outfit is stunning. Great accessories too...wait what's that?  Did you say accessories?  Yes!  Remember when the dolls came with extra things that weren't lame?  It's totally used to happen. But I digress...).  Poor old Sydney is now re-bodied and on Mister DollFace.

Tonner just launched two new dolls, Catwoman and Harley Quinn, in a line called Gotham Garage. They are painfully priced at $190 and limited to 300.  I love them...but hoping they hang around long enough to get put on sale because Integrity has ALL MY MONEY at the moment what with convention and all the awesome Jem shenanigans as of late. Catwoman loo…