Gimme Gimme Gimme Pizzazz! #immacraftybeaver

So this whole professor gig has some obvious benefits...the biggest being the lack of regular work hours for the summer. Granted, I still have TONS of work to do...namely research, creative research, yet still more research, and then...oh yeah...I have to learn how to direct a play this summer.  No biggie right?  ummmm...

I just got home from Chicago where I opened two plays: Northanger Abbey and Spinning.  Both are getting great reviews.  Northanger is some of my best work to date! All the travel and long hours has left me a bit brain fried this week.  So I decided to give myself a little "brain vacation" and focused on making some tiny clothes for my beloved Jem dolls!  So this week I finally finished four dresses for the Flipside fashion "Up and Rockin" in the yellow variant.  I still need to make the tights, belts, hats, and Jerrica's turtleneck...but once they are done I will have photos and some for sale.  I also make some more t-shirts for Jem and the Homme Males...likely something for Integrity Convention table gifts in October.

I was hitting the thrifts stores this week looking for costume pieces for Michigan Shakespeare Festival's As You Like It opening in July...and found the PERFECT dalmation print in a knit dress to make the Gimme Gimme Gimme outfit for Pizzazz.  Last week at a Jo-Ann in the Chicago burbs, I found some neon yellow pleather in the clearance section and bought some knowing that it would be PERFECT for the belt.  I had just planned to print my own fabric for the mini-dress this week when TA DA...I found a dress for $3 at Goodwill. (I also got bit by a brown recluse spider at said thrift store...hoping I get mutant costumer superpowers and NOT a necrotic infection).  It is enough fabric to make at least 20 mini dresses.  I got 10 made for me, one to sell on a nude pizzazz, and the rest up for sale on ye olde etsy, eBay, Mister Dollface, and the W Club forums.

I have not sold doll stuff on etsy before.  I am getting tired of the money loss from eBay and trying to avoid it.

Anyway...many more fashions coming this summer.  I have some things started for the Misfits and Jem gals too.  Working on making some of my personal favs!


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