W Club Exclusives 2019: Midnight Decadence Poppy Parker and Ocean Drive Agnes Von Weiss

Well hello there...I am indeed still alive.  It's been awhile.  The spring semester was brutal and my have I been distracted...but onto dolls.  In what has felt like the longest of waits, we finally got a glimpse of the first two W Club exclusive dolls: Midnight Decadence Poppy and Ocean Drive Agnes.

It's Poppy's 10th anniversary and I assume this is the first in what will be a blunderbuss doll situation...a poppy avalanche. Just get the t-shirt cannon and load em up with Poppies...and try not to lose an eye.

So it is with this idea of the coming Poppy storm that leads me to approach any and all offerings with skepticism. I must be choosey or risk drowning in the pouty lipped teen queen.

Midnight Decadence, while very pretty, is totally not my thing.  I am not a gown person and can occasionally be swayed to like a good cocktail dress.  This one comes close. I like that it is convertible and, without the train, it looks just like my 1989 Homecoming dress. If it were anythi…

2019 W Club Registration Open until March 3rd, 2019!

It's club registration time! Which means upgrade dolls!  If you haven't been in the W Club before, it is something that I highly recommend IF you regularly collect Integrity Toys. If you aren't an active collector...then I warn you, this club is a gateway drug to having a massive collection in like zero time. The benefits of the club are pretty outstanding IMO. There are club upgrade dolls and club exclusive dolls (made to order so you are guaranteed access to these) and often some additional surprise dolls. They also offer lotteries for convention exclusives and limited items. Additionally, you are the first to know about new lines coming out so that you can possibly get your order in before things sell out AND you get first dibs on convention registration as well. The club forum is fun with great people (and a sprinkly of people you'd like to drop off on a desert island). Luckily there is an "ignore" button made for those people.

I love having a group like…

Final 2018 W Club Doll: Secret Garden Eugenia

So I have never been a huge Eugenia fan. (I know...some of you are clutching your pearls in horror).

I currently have two of her (the blonde from the Cinematic convention) that I used to make my Coven Cordelia. There have been gorgeous Eugenias in the past but usually I have been late to the party and can't afford her. Otherwise, I just haven't felt the need. I am still on the fence about this latest offering.  Like I can't buy a whole big expensive giftset JUST because I need that purse?  right?  RIGHT?

First of all, I don't do poofy gowns. But LOOKIT that purse! its like a little McQueen skull clutch.  Actually all the accessories are amazing (well maybe not the tulle scarf that likely came from the floor of the design room). But once again, can I actually justify ordering a whole $175 set for the little bits. In the long run, it would be more cost effective to do so and then just sell off the funeral prom dress and Eugenia and then keep the accessories and the flas…

52 Craft Challenge...bring it on. Week 1 and 2 results.

So as a part of my lofty resolutions for 2019, I am trying to make something every week. So far, so good. A portion of this stems from the fact that I have a small (cough...medium) craft store's worth of goods squirreled away in my home. I need to use this stuff up because, as much as I want to, you cannot take it with you.

So, trying to knock a couple of resolutions off at once (Don't save it for the Queen, Work down the stash, and 52 Crafts), I am approaching this with serious intentions to make it to the end of the year with a ton of finished projects. Not sure what I will actually do with all of these things though. I might add them to my etsy store or perhaps try to get a booth at a craft fair. Hmmm.

Week 1:

I did these little resin numbers from my Winter Blow out Box from Sophie and Toffee. This is a monthly craft subscription box. It ain't cheap but I find the items are all things which I cannot readily find here in the states and I enjoy how each box is curated ar…

2019 Resolutions...for Realz this time

Okay 2019. I see you. I get it. I need to make some changes. STOP JUDGING ME 2019. Fine...

But before I start...I have legit grown-up Job goals but I am not going to bore you with my smarty-pants professor nonsense. No one wants to read about my lofty goal of having a paper published in a national design journal or getting a gig in a LORT just assume I have deep thoughts too and it is not all about unicorn farts and dolls.

Here is my noble list of Resolutions... Bullet Journaling. I have been using planners for the last two years. While I enjoyed them...I had to keep two separate planners to fit all the crap I wanted to write down and was forever losing where I wrote things down. So I am trying the bullet journal thing. So far so good. And no...I will not be posting gorgeous layouts of hand drawn unicorns and pressed flowers. I spend a great deal of time making and drawing beautiful in my downtime, I just want a good old-fashioned list. I might get fancy and u…

Poppy Parker 2018 W Club Dolls Galore: Split Decisions and Looks a Plenty

I don't know what sort of black magic kung-fu David Buttry has...but damn if that Poppy isn't irresistible. December was a bit whackadoo with end of the semester higher educational hijinks...combined with a minor snowstorm (laughable by the standards of this Chicago ex-patriot but serious for the non-snowplow owning south)...well the blog got away from me. So here is a recap.

Sidenote: just know that every last one of these pre-ordered club dolls is going to be in stock on the same damn date and we are all going to be selling a kidney to pay for these. I was semi-clever and bought a gift certificate for the Elyse balance when I ordered her (and while I actually had the money). Hopefully I can do the same for these two gals as I sell off some of my current gals to make room for the incoming onslaught. 


So the W Club has been well-off the regular pace this year and we did not get our second club doll until early November. I had not even gotten my s…