52 Craft Challenge...bring it on. Week 1 and 2 results.

So as a part of my lofty resolutions for 2019, I am trying to make something every week. So far, so good. A portion of this stems from the fact that I have a small (cough...medium) craft store's worth of goods squirreled away in my home. I need to use this stuff up because, as much as I want to, you cannot take it with you.

So, trying to knock a couple of resolutions off at once (Don't save it for the Queen, Work down the stash, and 52 Crafts), I am approaching this with serious intentions to make it to the end of the year with a ton of finished projects. Not sure what I will actually do with all of these things though. I might add them to my etsy store or perhaps try to get a booth at a craft fair. Hmmm.

Week 1:

I did these little resin numbers from my Winter Blow out Box from Sophie and Toffee. This is a monthly craft subscription box. It ain't cheap but I find the items are all things which I cannot readily find here in the states and I enjoy how each box is curated ar…

2019 Resolutions...for Realz this time

Okay 2019. I see you. I get it. I need to make some changes. STOP JUDGING ME 2019. Fine...

But before I start...I have legit grown-up Job goals but I am not going to bore you with my smarty-pants professor nonsense. No one wants to read about my lofty goal of having a paper published in a national design journal or getting a gig in a LORT just assume I have deep thoughts too and it is not all about unicorn farts and dolls.

Here is my noble list of Resolutions... Bullet Journaling. I have been using planners for the last two years. While I enjoyed them...I had to keep two separate planners to fit all the crap I wanted to write down and was forever losing where I wrote things down. So I am trying the bullet journal thing. So far so good. And no...I will not be posting gorgeous layouts of hand drawn unicorns and pressed flowers. I spend a great deal of time making and drawing beautiful in my downtime, I just want a good old-fashioned list. I might get fancy and u…

Poppy Parker 2018 W Club Dolls Galore: Split Decisions and Looks a Plenty

I don't know what sort of black magic kung-fu David Buttry has...but damn if that Poppy isn't irresistible. December was a bit whackadoo with end of the semester higher educational hijinks...combined with a minor snowstorm (laughable by the standards of this Chicago ex-patriot but serious for the non-snowplow owning south)...well the blog got away from me. So here is a recap.

Sidenote: just know that every last one of these pre-ordered club dolls is going to be in stock on the same damn date and we are all going to be selling a kidney to pay for these. I was semi-clever and bought a gift certificate for the Elyse balance when I ordered her (and while I actually had the money). Hopefully I can do the same for these two gals as I sell off some of my current gals to make room for the incoming onslaught. 


So the W Club has been well-off the regular pace this year and we did not get our second club doll until early November. I had not even gotten my s…

2018 W Club Exclusive Doll: Divinely Luminous Elyse

2018 Dolly Days came YAWN and went...BIG YAWN.  I resisted for the bulk of the week. Then this gal was first I was like...heck no, that doily dress was boring the first time on Isha...but then I was like....ohhhh two pairs of shoes and switchy legs...and then....ohhhh two pairs of arms with henna tats. And then...LOOKIT ADD DEM JEWELS! Plus I like the lavender eyes and like the Hungarian skin tone and hair pairing much better then last year's super tan Seduisante Elyse with the hair that I cannot seem to tame. Also, I can say this one's name. So "seduce-santa" is getting kicked off the island and this girl is on pre-order. Sale of doily dress imminent.

Item # 91445A
Divinely Luminous
Elyse Jolie™ Dressed Doll
Fashion Royalty®:
The Sacred Lotus Collection
2018 W Club Exclusive
Approx. Shipping: Spring 2019
W Club Retail Price: $155 + Shipping

Edition Size: TBD
Head Sculpt: Elyse Jolie
Body Type: FR 6.0
Foot Sculpt: High-heeled
Skin Tone: Hungarian

Best of 2018-A Year of Plastic Bishes in Review

Another year down. Here are my personal favorite doll acquisitions of 2018. I’m only counting dolls in hand and not the ones on pre-order...

In no particular order:

Wonder Woman by Robert Tonner
Featuring a pretty good likeness of Gal Godot and exciting new articulation, the new Wonder Woman Doll based on the film was a impulsive addition to my collection that I don’t regret. After being unimpressed by promo photos (Tonner’s promo photos have been absolute rubbish for quite some time), I was driven to buy her after seeing his unboxing video of the doll. In hand, she is gorgeous and the outfit is very detailed. I also am a fan of the new stand. I have not added any of the fashions or the training version. The price points are daunting but I am keeping an eye out for good sales. ***gahhh...Tonner just announced that Tonner Doll is no more. So no chance of the other Justice League dolls that were in the works...and no 1985 Wonder Woman. Booo. I hope to score one more doll just to make my…

2018 Luxe Life Round Up

Oye. I've been home for five days and I am just beginning to recover. The combination of the time change, my already being sick, and sleep deprivation was BRUTAL. But it was a great time and the dolls were GORGEOUS.

The Style Lab dolls not actually being there was a bit of a bummer. I pre-ordered them and now will get pre-shipping for my trouble. Can't complain about that really. The dolls and fashions look AMAZEBALLS though. I am always a fan of the style lab and these were absolutely perfect.  I will likely keep all the lady fashions.  I am not sure about the male fashions yet as I feel I already have similar styles (though the red coat is kind of cool). I doubt I am keeping the men and will probably only keep Rufus, Ellery, Hollis, and Lark. I have not decided on Gavin yet. I was pleased to see the Jem/CI sculpts make a comeback (in a smaller scale to match the Industry body). The Build a Doll Poppy looks STUNNING. If I am seeing it correctly, she has a silver and black fr…

Wu Gala Dinner

Next year in Baltimore! Nice. I can drive even....JW: proud of relaunch of RuPaul doll. Launched a plus size line on Elloqui. Working on a documentary film about his history (including dolls). JW: luxe life- child of the 80s..Dynasty. over the top glam. Centerpiece inspired by Lacroix (his designer hero). Agnes, the bitchiest... celebrating the Opulence. Integrity af the first manufacturer of diverse dolls. Making dolls that reflect our times. JW: next year my 20th year of dolls. The Agnes face today was an original screen he did seven years ago. JW: he wanted to do something that spoke to him and was fashionable.  JW: misaki,  making a doll that spoke to a whole new group of collectors. A japanese collector gave him a 60s catalog... that led to Poppy Parker. JW: feeling very nostalgic...about the old sculpts coming back. JW: made a hilarious netaporter joke. Dolls next year:  Surprise characters and back to basics. JW: lacroix and yves st laurent inspired. His favorite character.  EL…