Monday, May 18, 2015

IT 2015 Spring Doll Reveal: My Favorites!

So it has been a rough few weeks for me filled with death of friends, difficult choices, and some major life roadblocks.  Needless to say, I had VERY high hopes for the Integrity webinar event.  I was really looking forward to a morning spent with my coffee looking at dolls. Alas, I was thwarted HORRIBLY.  I like many of my W Club peers, experienced a glitch while watching the webinar and we could not see the photos.  We were told to log back in and when we did, we were denied access.  It was enough to bring me to tears.  Yes, I know this is ridiculous.  But disappointment what not what I needed at that moment and, unfortunately, for Integrity, it tainted my enthusiasm for the dolls,  I only ended up ordering ONE THING from the lines if you can believe it.  Anyway...onto the dolls.

So the Katy Keene lineup was pretty swell.  Many were surprised to have her on the Jem/Color Infusion body.  I was pleased since I am a big fan both of the Jem line and the Color Infusion stuff.  Katy and friends also share Jem sculpts. Lorelei=Jem, Gloria=Roxy.  Katy=Rapture.  Rapture is by far my favorite Jem sculpt so I was mighty happy to see it used here.  All of the dolls were amazing and the fashions have great detail.  The Katy giftset was a total no-brainer for me and is currently the only thing that I pre-ordered.  She is just the perfect retro pin-up girl. I am almost tempted to dump my Victoire stuff in favor of her. She is a ringer for Dita Von Teese and I think it would be fun to recreate some burlesque looks for her.

It seems like the IT Design Team has been watching a lot of Scandal (like me).  I definitely saw shades of Olivia Pope all over the FR16 and Fashion Royalty line.  I don't collect FR16 at the moment.  I still have two Tulabelle dolls, but they might have to hit the road when we move.  The fashions in the FR16 line are always amazing though.  They have amazing detail and stunning accessories yet they are WAY less expensive than what you get from rival 16" dollmakers like Tonner.  Super Natural Anais is totally Olivia and I was highly tempted by her.  LOOK AT THAT BAG PEOPLE!  
And I rarely do evening gowns but that Exuberance Hanne is pretty amazing.  Love the platinum 'granny' hair bouffant and smokey eyes.  

I thought the whole FR16 lineup was wonderful this time and not a stinker in the bunch.  Every time I see these and all the gorgeous bits and bobs and fashion details combined with the price, I just don't know why I would even bother looking elsewhere.  The real key is that these dolls look modern with great execution and SCALE.  It is all about scale and IT rarely lets us down on that front.

It comes as no surprise that there were like 80 new Poppy dolls. She remains ridiculously popular.  I was less excited about this lineup than last year's mod spy movie themed selection.  These dolls are taking inspiration from the last sixties...not my favorite fashion era. The new man sculpt is promising and I like Darla with big hair.  I am darn tempted to get the Out of this World Poppy as I think that fashion fits in nicely with the stuff from last year and I like the pale lips with the white blonde hair.  The African American Poppy in the gold is mighty pretty too.  I would love to snag that outfit loose if I can because it also screams Bond girl to me.  The suit and little blue portfolio on Go See are also super cute.  I like that doll overall but I don't NEED her.  Like I said, I might have had a different opinion had the morning gone better for me.

***Update: I caved and managed to snag the last one from Gigi and Sherry's Dolls!

The Fashion Royalty lineup had a few old favorite characters return like Isha and Tatyana.  I was slightly temped to get Elise since her dress print is the same as the upgrade W Club Agnes that I have on order.  Kyori is also pretty stunning as a blonde!  I think these fashions are classic and will mix and match well.  I don't do ball gowns...but Adele is lovely in the dark skin with the pale blue.  I would love to have a Tatyana sculpt...but this does not do anything for me.  Le sigh.

 I think I will cave and order the event doll gift set.  I don't really like the ball gown, but the jacket and dress are great.  I think the jacket will be awesome with my Club Dania and the upgrade Agnes.

***Update:  I did indeed cave.  I don't have a Vero sculpt she might end up staying.  We shall see. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Makeup and Wardrobe Styling-Zombie Workout | Work on Your Zombie Survival at Youfit

This commercial shoot was so much fun. I did the makeup and costumes for the zombies.  Acquiring the zombie contacts was an epic adventure.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 W Club Mood Changers Poppy Parker Gift Set- Heads Will Roll

It seems like everything is running a bit behind at IT this year.  While it has given my wallet a chance to recover, collectors everywhere are getting the shakes in anticipation of a new genuine molded fix.  I feel like there must have been a collective SQUEEEE heard round the world on Monday when IT sent out the info on the first 2015 W Club doll...a three headed Poppy gift set!  The quick switch feature is nifty and this is the first time we will have it on the Poppy body.  I am sure many collectors will be on the hunt for Poppy bodies to behead and rehead.  I am thinking that my Funny Face Vero will lose her body, assuming the skin tones match. Must check.  

I am in love with the Raven.  She is beyond perfect.  I am less wild about the fashions.  I will likely keep the seafoam pants number.  I think that top will be adorable with a little mini skirt.  The other fashions will likely get the boot.  They are just not my style. I think i would have liked the pink dress better if it were lilac like her hair, or all silver, or white and silver.  The pink just looks off to me with the lilac hair.

Item # PP079
Mood Changers
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Model Scene Collection
2015 W Club Exclusive
Limited Edition Size: TBA 
Estimated Ship Date: Approximately 
Special W Club Price: $160.00 + Shipping, Handling and Applicable Sales Tax*.

*Deposit of $30.00 due immediately at pre-order, balance of $130.00 + shipping and handling (and tax for Maryland residents) due approximately Fall 2015.

Doll Tech Specs:

Head Sculpts: Poppy
Body Type: Poppy Parker™ 
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Colors: Auburn (Head # 1), Raven (Head # 2), Lilac (Head # 3)
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

It's been a busy week for Poppy Parker, from an assignment for "Jazzy Jewels" where she is the picture of elegance, to a shoot for the latest in swinging pantsuits for a hip new catalog, to a groovy assignment modeling futuristic garb for "Way Out!" magazine. No matter the look, Poppy is perfectly prepared for all of her changing moods! 

This unique and exciting Poppy Parker dressed doll gift set features three individual fashions and three unique heads that utilize the Quickswitch feature. 

Poppy's first look is an elegant party dress in black satin with silver and black organza overlay. Glittering jewelry, a matching bolero jacket and black hose and shoes complete this "Jazzy" ensemble. Her hair is in a side swept low bun in a lovely shade of auburn and her makeup is in smoky shades of gray. 

The second look is a delicate lace pantsuit in a vision of sea foam. Satin trim details finish off this lovely look on Poppy. Her side parted raven wavy hair accentuates her stunning makeup in complementary shades of sea foam. 

The last look is a stunning pale pink mini dress with silver sequin trim. It's out there and it's fun! Completing the look is a smashing hairstyle in a subtle shade of lilac and pink makeup making for over the top goodness!

Poppy Parker is a 12-inch vinyl/plastic articulated fashion doll with three fully rooted, interchangeable heads. Comes complete with accessories and a doll stand. For adult collectors ages 15 and up only.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wardrobe Work-Youfit Commercial – The Contract

So occasionally I get a nice gig doing wardrobe for a commercial.  This was one of those gigs.  It was a fun group of people and a cool fitness company out of Florida.  I had to track down bridesmaids dresses from four different JC Penney stores and rent tuxes for groomsmen and you see them for all of one second.  The bride's dress was one of the producer's old prom dress.  I have another super fun one coming out...ZOMBIES!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tonner Bombshell Wonder Woman...Less Explosive; more like a Fizzle.

Pics of the Prototype Tonner Bombshell Wonder Woman are out.  And man...such a mess.  Mostly this is an issue of scale.  The fabrics chosen are all wrong.  Instead of stretch knit for the scarf and shirt, they would have been better served by using a china silk like material or a fine cotton.  Serged edges...please.  I still want her...for the boots and belt buckle...but I might just get the outfit loose.  I am also not a fan of wigs.  I feel like they could have gotten this look with rooted hair (which likely would have made the head scarf rig better as well).  It looks like they are using the Supergirl sculpt for both this doll and for Bombshell Harley too.  I love this sculpt but I think it would have been great if they had used the open-mouth Mera sculpt instead to mimic the smile from the original art.  Here's hoping Harley does not disappoint.  (And they give us more from this great series).

But one also never knows with Tonner and the actual production dolls.  It can go either way.  Sometimes the production dolls are better that the images...but usually not.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Diana Prince Dolls on Sale

Cherished Friends has a great sale on the first round of Diana Prince Wonder Woman dolls from tonner. I could not resist. I picked up the princess of paradise doll because she's gorgeous and I don't have that first grecian costume anymore. I also got the Diana Prince doll in the black and red dress. I think that was a very elegant design. I recently picked up the agent Diana uniform off eBay. This doll will work nicely with that uniform and her updo.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Jem and the Holograms Lindsey Pierce IT Direct Exclusive Up for Pre-Order!

Hold onto your headbands Jem fans, this gal went on pre-order at noon today.  Go get her!  I am a big fan of the Rapture sculpt and love this outfit. Look at those amazing boots!  Very excited.  At 500 pieces, she is likely to sell out as the previous small editions have (Astral, Danse, and Regine).

Item # 14056
Adult Collectible Doll
Limited Edition Size of 500 Dolls
Estimated Ship Date: Approximately Late May/Early June 2015
Retail Price: $125.00 US + Shipping and Handling (and applicable sales tax for Maryland residents)

Doll Tech Specs:

Head Sculpt: Rapture
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Pale Blond
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied

Lindsey is a fully articulated vinyl doll with thick rooted curly blond locks and hand applied eyelashes. Our famous VJ comes dressed in her most iconic look from the hit 80's animated TV series, which is composed of a one piece bright orange mock neck sleeveless dress accessorized by a wide, low hanging contrasting vinyl belt, bright green tights and gauntlets, a fashionable head band, booties, bracelets and gold earrings. No TV reporter would be complete without her microphone and portable tape recorder, perfect to put all of the juicy scoop on record for posterity! For adult collectors ages 15 and up. Doll cannot stand alone; doll stand included.

Note: Prototype shown, final production may vary slightly.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Superdoll Sybarite Valentine Solitaire Video

Warning...plastic boobs ahoy. She is on sale this Thursday.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Olivia Pope is my spirit animal.

The new Scandal collection is coming to Limited on February 15th.  There is a swell preview on this blog...  It looks like they have expanded the color palette.  The first collection was heavy on the neutrals with a dash of pale pink and pale blue.  The new spring collection has some pale peach, a celadon green, what looks a bit like a silvery lavender, and some tans thrown in with the white, blacks, and grays. They have also added a signature look from Quinn, the First Lady, and Abby.

I managed to get several pieces from the first collection by waiting for sales and then getting some stuff on clearance.  Based on how the first collection sold, I will likely get my very favorite piece on the first sale...and then be patient for the rest to hit clearance.  Now that I am dancing again, I am slowly starting to take off this baby weight, so it does not really make sense to drop a lot of cash on fitted garments.  So I am keeping most of my clothing purchases these days to tops.

I definitely liked the first collection better.  This one is a bit bland to me and the colors a bit too pale for my coloring.  I like the swag sweater that buttons at the shoulder and the black jumpsuit...but not sure my body is jumpsuit ready.  

Friday, January 30, 2015

Tonner 2015 Mainline Preview

Tonner released his mainline preview.  The biggest shock was that most of the dolls were actually already in stock.  The Jupiter Ascending dolls are darn pretty.  They really did a nice job on the sculpt and the outfits.  Not my thing but I can't say that I am not tempted.  There are several new Diana Prince dolls and fashions.  I am definitely planning to get Agent Diana.  She is amazing.  The only other one that interests me is the fashion from Golden Princess.  I hate the bangs on the rest of the girls...and the wigs.  Hate wigs.  HATE EM!  I'd like to pick up the star spangled bathing suit on the basic doll at some point though.  I think Tonner is smart to get a two-fer out of  Wonder Woman by giving comic geeks a little something and Tyler collectors a little something.  The fashion offerings are the classic sportswear offerings that typifies Tonner's design aesthetic.  I am left unmoved though. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 W Club Registration is Open!

The link to the register packet is here!  Finally.  We were all on pins and needles eagerly awaiting upgrade dolls and such.  The price to register is still the same $50 and you get $20 of that back to buy one of the five exclusive club dolls.  This time the club dolls will be at least two FR dolls (one might be a Nu Face!), one Poppy, one Jem, and one mystery doll. Plus access to "right to buy" lottery dolls, dealer coupons, sneak peaks, first to know look at upcoming lines that let you get a jump on your pre-orders...etc.  I have never regretted joining and I really enjoy the W Club forum most of all.

You have until February 16th to join.

Now onto the upgrade dolls.  Agnes is a no brainer.  I adore platinum dolls and I think she is stunning.  I can't wait to pose her with the recent Elise and Agnes from the 2014 Convention.  I also like the sheath and hat.  I am not feeling the Poppy.  Though cute, I am just not interested. In fact, I have been contemplating giving up on Poppy altogether in order to gain some real estate (and let's face it...gain some more less doll line to buy and one less shelf to regulate).  Hmmm...decisions.  And a Homme!  What a surprise.  So this is a tricky decision for me.  I am not a fan of the Ollie sculpt.  BUT that outfit and hair are nearly EXACTLY like the Jem character Jeff Wright (one of Kimber's many boyfriends).  So I think I am going to get him too and just re-style the hair and remove the beard with some acetone. Voila.

Item #91375
Baroness Agnes Von Weiss® Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
2015 W Club Upgrade Doll
Approximate Ship Date: Summer 2015
Edition size: TBA (Determined by the total amount of orders received)
Doll Tech Specs:
Body Type: FR 2013 (with body connect feature)
Head Sculpt: Agnes Von Weiss
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: Japan
Hair Color: Platinum
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied
Agnes Von Weiss is the ultimate socialite, the aristocrat that everyone dreams of one day
meeting and she knows it. Smart and beautiful, the Baroness can be temperamental, mischievous
and unpredictable at times, but everyone still loves her… There’s just something about “La Von
Weiss” that magnetizes her fans all over the world!
Baroness Agnes Von Weiss is a 12” articulated vinyl doll featuring long, luscious, fully-rooted
platinum hair and hand applied eyelashes. Agnes shows her sass in a perfectly scaled, chic
printed chiffon cocktail dress, cinched at the waist by a narrow patent leather belt. Her look is
accessorized by a fashionable cloche hat, patent leather shoes, gloved hands, earrings and
a gorgeous bright red clutch. Doll stand and certificate of authenticity included. For adult
collectors ages 15 and up.

Item #PP078
Groovy Galore
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
2015 W Club Upgrade Doll
Approximate Ship Date: Summer 2015
Edition size: TBA (Determined by the total amount of orders received)
Doll Tech Specs:
Body Type: Poppy Parker™
Head Sculpt: Poppy Parker™
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Hair Color: Golden Blond
Eyelashes: Yes, Hand Applied
Poppy Parker models a groovy vibrant dress, perfect to launch her new career with Bellini!
Stunning as always, our girl Poppy is ready to take New York by storm once more!
Poppy Parker is an 11.5-inch fully articulated fashion doll with hand-applied eyelashes with
scrumptious golden blond hair that can be styled in many groovy styles! Poppy swings in her fun
and youthful stripped chiffon dress, highlighted by sparkling accessories. A true modeling star in
the making! Doll stand included. For adult collectors ages 15 and over.

Item #85075
Vice Effect
Ollie Lawson Dressed Doll
Color Infusion™ Collection
2015 W Club Upgrade Doll
Approximate Ship Date: Summer 2015
Edition size: TBA (Determined by the total amount of orders received)
Doll Tech Specs:
Body Type: FR:Homme
Head Sculpt: Ollie Lawson
Quick Switch Feature: No
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Frosted Blond
Eyelashes: No
Ollie Lawson knows how to set the tone. The fashion tone that is. Confident, strong and always
a risk taker, this player doesn't fear taboos and is not afraid to experiment with shapes, colors
and textures to modernize any retro look and make it his own!
Ollie Lawson is a fully articulated 12.5-inch fashion figure with stylish rooted hair. Dressed to
impress in his 80's inspired “vice squad” look, this player is ready to join the ranks of your collection
and become your #1 leading man! Includes an ultra-detailed miniature watch, shoes,
sunglasses and a doll stand. For adult collectors ages 15 and up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 Barbie Club Open for new members...

I signed up for the first time. Not sure what to expect.  I don't really collect Barbie...but I do really love the furniture and some of the fashions they have had recently that would work with my FR dolls.  The membership is only $24.95 and you get some nice what the heck.  Plus, you get an adorable little barbie sunglasses case as a membership gift.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tonner Special Agent Diana Prince and Bombshell Supergirl

Tonner previewed some of the upcoming 2015 lineup including the Diana Prince doll collection.  Once again there are several outfits and dressed dolls vaguely inspired by Wonder Woman. The big surprise is the Terry Dodson uniform Special Agent Diana Prince. According to the tag she will retail at $189.99.  I am excited and totally love her.

Also on display is a Bombshell Supergirl.  She looks adorable and just like the original art. I hope we get the Wonder Woman version too..heck I would be tempted by any doll from the bombshell line.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 W Club FR Doll "Rare Appearance" Dania Zarr

Love the outfit and accessories on this one.  I don't have any strong attachment to this character or sculpt though.  AND I seem to have a glut of brunettes at the moment so the doll itself might get evicted. But this will be the first doll outside of the "Core 8" characters that we have had in almost two years. I will wait to judge her in person, but this fashion is going to look SWELL on Gloss Agnes.

Item # 91353
Rare Appearance
Dania Zarr Dressed Doll
Official 2014 W Club Exclusive
Limited Edition Size: TBA 
Special W Club Suggested Retail Price: $130.00 
Estimated Shipping Date: Approximately Spring 2015
Doll Tech Specs: 
Scale: 12.5-inch / 1:6 Scale
Head Sculpt: Dania Zarr
Body Sculpt: FR2 2013
Skin Tone: Japan 
Hair: Deep Brunette
Quick Switch Feature: No
Eyelashes: Yes, hand-applied
Always sleek and chic, Dania Zarr is ready for her camera close-up as she is set to get all of the hot gossip and share the latest beauty tips as the lead host on Europe's Fashion NETwork LIVE!
Dania Zarr is a fully articulated 12.5-inch luxurious vinyl fashion doll with fully rooted hair and delicately hand-applied eyelashes. Always dressed to set the tone for her guests, Dania is sleek and sophisticated and will not settle for anything less than the best designers in town! Dania's soft winter white cocktail dress redefines the word sleek with it's elegant built-in top knot detail. Dania's look is perfectly accessorized with everything she needs to show her captive audience how trends are born! A doll stand is included. For adult collectors ages 15 and up.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Techrat! Integrity Dolls Jem W Club Exclusive

Reception has been pretty mixed on this one.  I am pleased with him and ordered without hesitation.  The biggest complaint heard is that his head seems to be too bald.  I agree that it does not seem that severe when you look at the cartoon and I would not be unhappy if the production doll gets tweaked (All photos are of a prototype doll).  People also want his other gray outfit more.  I like the red one better myself.  The extra head is a strange but nifty bonus.  There is an contingent of Jem collectors that feel this extra head makes this doll "not theirs" (which is bizarre).  Yes, this head is clearly added to tempt non-jem collectors to buy what would otherwise be a very oddball doll for them.  I don't see why people would fault a company for trying to make money.  If dolls don't sell, then we are unlikely to get more dolls. People also seem annoyed that we have not gotten Eric.  I really think Eric is going to be in the next big wave and will have some decent crossover appeal for the Homme collectors.  I would also not be surprised to see that sculpt used for the recent CI Callum becomes Eric.  I hope they offer some homme bodies to buy for the extra head at some point.

***UPDATE***Integrity has just informed us that Techrat will indeed have his part further off center!  And his shoes are high tops as well!  It is great that they listen to fans.

Item # 14063
Dressed Fashion Figure
Adult Collectible
Official 2014 W Club Exclusive
Limited Edition Size:  TBA  
Special W Club Suggested Retail Price: $130.00 
Estimated Shipping Date: Approximately Spring 2015
Doll Tech Specs: 
Scale: 12.5-inch / 1:6  Scale
Head Sculpt: Declan X2 (partially rooted and fully rooted)
Body Sculpt: FR: Homme
Skin Tone: FR White 
Hair: Black
Quick Switch Feature: Yes
Eyelashes: No
Seen here in doll form for the very first time in the history of the brand, this mysterious character is definitely a fan favorite and the W Club couldn't be happier that the design team chose TECHRAT as this year's JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS exclusive figure!

TECHRAT is a fully articulated 12.5-inch luxurious vinyl fashion figure with fully rooted hair. He comes dressed in his totally edgy, layered 80's look, funky shoes and comes with his cutting edge, period accurate personal computer, perfect to hack Starlight Music's database and wreak havoc in Jerrica Benton's business plans! As a bonus item for our members, this doll also includes a second long-haired head that can easily be swapped using the Homme version of the QuickSwitch system! A doll stand is included. For adult collectors ages 15 and up. **CLEAR COMPUTER STAND IS NOT INCLUDED!
**IMPORTANT NOTE: Prototype shown, colors may differ depending on your computer monitor. Clear computer stand not included.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Randomness- Tonner LOTR Arwen in Key & Peele Opening Credits

I was watching Key and Peele on Hulu the other day and imagine my surprise when I see a Tonner Arwen doll pop up in the title sequence!  The opening is a fun parody of HBO's True Detective show.  They used Arwen in an earlier sketch (shows up around the 2:23 minute mark along with other toys...).

Anyway...I find the show pretty humorous..funnier than SNL at the very least.

Monday, November 10, 2014

IT Gloss Convention Dolls & Photos...AKA Why I am so Broke...

I spent the weekend de-boxing and prepping things for sales.  This time last year I was doing the same thing though I seem to be keeping WAY more this time around (which means some of last year's spoils need to vacate). 

Nocturnal Glow
Véronique Perrin® Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls

I am still tempted to keep this one.  I really like this dress but I just don't do evening wear.  I so prefer day and cocktail looks that can be mixed and matched.  The ballgowns and evening dresses do nothing for me. Same goes for Grandiose Natalia.  I like the doll and the makeup but the fun red in her eye makeup also makes her pretty specific to this dress.  I think I will just bide my time for the perfect Natalia for me.  That being said, both of these dolls are stunning and I love the 1970s Halston vibe on Natalia.

Natalia Fatalé™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss

Limited Edition of 500 Dolls

Oh Kyori...sigh.  You are going to be a challenge.  I am trying REAL hard to stick to the ONE SCULPT TO RULE THEM ALL thing...and I do really love last year's Dangerous to Know aka Anna May Wong Kyori. I am already breaking this rule with reckless abandon (*cough* Elise/Agnes * cough*).  But I love this glam fair and face.  The jumpsuit would also look real swell alongside Le Smoking Adele and Intrigue Elise.  Hmmm.

Item # 91357
Kyori Sato™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls

Finally, one that does not tempt me in the least.  Eugenia is very pretty but totally not for me.  At least I had one easy choice to make. 

Item # 91358
Eugenia Perrin Frost™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls

Again, also not tempted in the least by Adorned.  I am still wild about my Fashion Explorer Vanessa. This one looks great with the 'Farrah" hair and I love how her eyes match the gorgeous blue of the dress. But again...not my jam.

Item # 91359
Vanessa Perrin™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls

I wanted to like Simonetta and I will wait to see her in person before I make my final ruling.  So far I am a little cold.  The fashion is nice but I also have all the little black dresses from both Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany's so I don't really need yet another one.  I think maybe I would like her more if she were tan?  Or maybe as a red head?  Some were saying that she looks "cartoony"...and I am like, "duh" that is the whole aesthetic of these dolls.  There is nothing realistic about Victoire either.  They look like fashion illustrations and vintage fashion dolls.

Item # 76020
La Ville Lumiere (The City of Lights)
Simonetta Bertorelli™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 600 Dolls 

Yeah, platinum blonde Poppy is a total no brainer. Slam dunk! This one will make up for missing out on the silver hair Poppy that came with the Loni Mistress of Disguise doll. She is going to look swell with the W Club Girl from Integrity Doll and her black bob.  

Dark Moon
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls 

And Now onto the IT Direct Dolls.  I did a good job resisting MOST of these.  Hanne is pretty in this skin-tone and her makeup and hair are amazing.  It is the first time that I have liked this sculpt. The dress is lovely.  It reminds me of Red Hot Tyler, which is quite possibly the best convention doll Tonner has ever done. I am trying to avoid the FR16 line though...for sanity's sake.

Hanne Erikson™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 300 Dolls

The "Malibi" ITBE dolls were cute but once again, totally not for me.  They reminded me of a trio of bitchy mean girls.  

Jolt! (peach)
Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls

Item # 15061
Oomph! (Pink)
Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls 

Zing! (Turquoise)
Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls 

Wild Thing Poppy is wonderful.  I love her hair and screening.  I already have her on the shelf.  Huzzah. The outfit is wonderful but those boots are not for the faint of heart or the fat of fingers.  Those are all tiny buckles that need to be individually adjusted my easy task.  It could be an Olympic event.  She might never get redressed at this rate.  Keeping that pirate hat on was also a chore.

Wild Thing
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 600 Dolls 

Victoire is also already deboxed and on the shelf.  Totally love this mini-giftset and the story behind it. I plan to make some accessories to go with the set (a little stripe shirt and a red scarf...a beret...etc).  The jewelry is amazing.  I also love the redhead ponytail and the delicate pink-toned makeup on her.  She is adorable.

Dial "V" For Victoire
Victoire Roux™ Dressed Doll
The 2014 Integrity Toys Convention: Gloss
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls 

So to round it up, from the convention collection proper, I seem to only be keeping Dark Moon Poppy. Still waiting on a decision about Kyori when the collection finally arrives.  Then the rest get sold so that I can afford to keep these other gals.  From the IT Direct Exclusives, I kept Wild Thing Poppy and Dial V Victoire.  

Scandal Collection at Limited...Fashion for your Inner Gladiator

So Scandal is my weakness.  I love that ridiculous show.  One of the key reasons why I love it is all the fabulous winter white outfits and cape coats seen on its star Kerry Washington. The characters on this show wear clothes that look powerful, smart, and sexy.  Well Miss Washington and the show's costume designer Lyn Paolo have teamed up to create a clothing line for Limited.  I checked it out in person the other day it is positively yummy.  Of course, it is not the cheapest stuff ever...but the price points are fairly consistent with stores offering women's work wear (Ann Taylor, J Crew, etc) and the quality seemed nice.  I was particularly fond of the whole color story of the line and the amazing cape coats.  I might save some money and buy pieces when they go on clearance.

 I am trying to slowly up my clothing game lately...but I am also trying hard to lose all this darn baby weight and the going is SLOOOOWWWWW! Twice as slow as when I lost all the weight the first time.  So I don't really want to drop a bunch of money on things that HOPEFULLY won't fit in three months. But blouses and coats should not be a big deal as lord knows my boobs are here to stay no matter what my waist size is :).  I might have to make myself some of these cape coats.  I have a couple of nice patterns for these already.

I keep hoping that Integrity will pick up the license for this show.  Olivia and Abby would make fabulous dolls.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Article about Jason Wu and Boss at

Check it out!

He is such an interesting guy.  It has been a real pleasure following his career.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

FS/FT: Post Gloss Convention Purge

I don't have these in hand yet.  They will be shipping to me so I am looking to put these on hold for people and then will take payment or trades once they arrive (and I have made sure they are all okay with no issues).  Prices do not include shipping.  I will ship international but I won't lie on the custom forms. I might have more for sale later...have to look at them in person!

I am looking for the Montaigne Market Elise complete fashion only (up to $150 in credit), Jem & Misfits Backstage Essentials Jackets ($20 each), & IFDC It Girl Poppy (up to $225 in credit).

Welcome Doll Erin Nude $90 HOLD
Sheer Sensuality Vanessa Centerpiece $250 SOLD
Friday Night Bazaar Red Fashion $ 70
Intimate Reveal Agnes Outfit Only $105 SOLD

Convention Collection:

La Villa Lumiere Simonetta $150
Adorned Vanessa  $225 
Cold Shoulder Eugenia $225 
Nocturnal Glow Veronique $170

Color Infusion:

Alysa $70
Kika Yung $70
Janay/Regine $70 HOLD
Tilda Brisby/Roxy $70
Ace Mcfly/Riot $125 HOLD
Kieron Morel $100 HOLD
Sterling Riese/Rio $100

2013 Premiere Convention Dolls:

Bewitching Veronique complete $165
Bellissima Natalia complete $250

Regular Line Dolls:

Faded Desert Kyori nude $70
On How to be Lovely nude $60 (wrist joints a bit loose)
Young Sophisticate Poppy nude $100
Lotta Danger Poppy nude $100

IT Convention Saturday Haul-Thoughts from a Distance

It seems like the Studio 54 vibe did not carry into Saturday's dolls.  All the offerings today seem much more current, edgy, and dark.  The makeup on all the dolls from Saturday were STUNNING.

Nu Face Debut at the W club Luncheon...

Sensuous Affair
Giselle Diefendorf™ Dressed Doll
W Club Luncheon Exclusive Centerpiece Doll
Limited Edition of 400 Dolls

My proxy got the Giselle Centerpiece for me!  Woot.  I don't currently have a Giselle and this one is nifty...though I think I like Giselle better as a redhead.  I do like the hair color mix (blonde and platinum silver it seems).  And look at those boots people.  Amazing.

Chrome Noir
Erin Salston™ Dressed Doll
W Club Luncheon Exclusive Giveaway Doll
Limited Edition of 400 Dolls

Erin is lovely.  I am a little torn as she looks amazing but I also REALLY love my High End Envy Erin and try not to repeat sculpts.

Dominique Makeda™ Dressed Doll
Official Workshop Doll
Limited Edition of 300 Dolls
I did not get the Workshop Dominque. This I definitely regret as she is AMAZING.  I just love her hair and her lips.  Le sigh.  

Evening Siren
Ayumi N.™ Dressed Doll
IT Direct Store Exclusive
Limited Edition of 600 Dolls

I also did not get Ayumi due to some name confusion with my proxy.  Her edition size is high though so there is a slim chance they might have some leftover for a lottery.  But I think I can live without her.  Again, I don't do evening gowns for her outfit is lost on me.  Here's hoping they do another one that I like better.

Saturday Dinner:

Elise Jolie™ Dressed Doll
Official Table Centerpiece
Limited Edition of 300 Dolls

Intrigue Elise reminds me of Montaigne Market just in platinum blonde.  The tuxedo is fun looks great next to Le Smoking Adele on the shelf. The one per sculpt rule does not apply to Elise or Agnes so she will be mine!  I adore Platinum and love the whole look of her.  Such an ice princess!

Intimate Reveal
Agnes Von Weiss™ Dressed Doll
Official Convention Souvenir Doll
Limited Edition of 500 Dolls

AGNES!!! Oh man she is gorgeous.  I love the smokey eye and pale lip with this dark ponytail.  She reminds me of the Helper Zinger doll that all the world covets.  The gown is great but once again, not my style so I will unload that one and keep this gorgeous lady.  Weeeee!  My screening seems a bit off on her face around the eyes but she is still gorgeous,

Next year's convention is in Long Beach, California.  Not sure I will be able to do it but I will definitely try to get another proxy if I can't be there in person.  At that point I should be able to skip out on the wee lad for a weekend.  It depends on flights and how much the hotel will be.  If they do the friday night bazaar thing again then I might do it.  I would love to sell things but room sales for me in the past have been really hit and miss.  I always feel so awkward doing them but do much better in a salesroom.  I have enjoyed the Integrity conventions I have attended SO MUCH and the value is so good for what you get.  My Tonner collecting has really slowed down and is pretty much limited to Wonder Woman related swag at this point so I don't feel any angst skipping that convention these days (at least not while he is on this perpetual cinderella sculpt, fantasy fashions, and deja vu kick as I have no interest in them at all). Plus it would be fun to go to California when I have some energy.  I was at the super-uncomfortable point in my pregnancy last year (well really there is no 'comfortable point' in pregnancy) so I was not able to get out and about much last time.  So if I start saving now...hmmm.