Resolution Watch 2018 Week 3

Another week down. I had a root canal last week followed by the little got done in way of exercising. Then we had two snow days and folks round here (NC) cannot drive on a good day let alone in ice and snow. So I had cabin fever like crazy combined with a lack of motivation/energy.
I did manage to get two script proposals submitted to a theatre AND started an outline for another play.  I also sold some more dolls, deboxed some that were still in boxes, and changed the outfits on a few more. Go me.

Still no new clothing purchases! Well no human clothing. I did finally hunt down the stripe Barbie fashionista fashion pack so I can chill for awhile on the obsessive toy aisle patrols. 
This coming week I am getting the crown on the root canal tooth (BOOO). I am hoping it won't keep me down for long. I have a ton of shopping to get done for The Wiz this week and research to compile for Neverwhere at Lifeline. Weeee.

Hello Kitty Barbie Fashion Pack Play Continues

These fashion packs are just the cutest. I think my current favorite is the Twin Stars shirt that comes in the single pack (pictured on Lilac Mood Changers Poppy). The skirt in My Melody complete outfit (pictured on Gigi) is HUGE...I have it pinned in the back on Gigi and it is about an inch too big. I am planning to take it in permanently. *PICK A SIZE MATTEL* I am finally see these in Target now and Walmart has some of them on their website now for order (though mostly out of stock).

The Care Bears packs are popping up in stores but I don't think I will hunt for them. I might try for a couple of the nintendo offerings when they hit the stores. I am definitely psyched for the DC Comics packs that are hopefully coming out this year. The individual shirts look so cute. I hope there are complete look outfits too.

Final 2017 W Club Doll: Fame & Fortune Vanessa KILLING IT.

Yeah. W Club ends with a bang. I am not a huge Vanessa fan nor am I a Van 1.0 sculpt loyalist. I currently don't even have a Vanessa in the collection. She keeps coming and then leaving soon after. Perhaps I was just waiting for this one. I really dig the hair on this one. She has great edgy style. I love the kimono and those gloves are amazing. There is a wonderful Japanese inspired theme running through all the fashions that I appreciate. I just wish the pants outfit wasn't all black. Maybe silver? Hmm. Regardless, the individual pieces of the black fashion are stunning and should mix with other things nicely. Not sure if I will keep the pink dress. It is very pretty but I don't usually do evening wear.  LUGGAGE!!! Since I was late to the FR collecting band wagon, I missed the early years with the amazing luggage sets. Clearly this one is gorgeous but also contributing to the bloated $250 price tag. Ouch. I want it though. I am wondering what kind of box she will have? …

Resolution Watch 2018! One Week Down...51 to go.

So far so good. I managed to workout five days last week. I also cleaned/organized one surfaces in my bedroom. I sold three dolls last week and have at least two more on eBay currently selling. Progress...she is being made.  I think my next step is to take some dolls out of the cases and do more specific looks in the case.  I will then rotate the dolls over the course of the year. Should a doll remain in storage a whole year...then perhaps that doll needs to leave.  I am thinking I might try the same thing with the clothing collection too. If I have no desire to get it out of the storage bin, then maybe I don't need it. I might scoot the deadline to be around the IT Convention in late October though. That way I can sell the dolls and clothes that need to be let go (let's be honest...I need to make space for incoming convention girls).

Thus far, I have not bought any new clothing for myself or family. I managed to pick up a really nice stroller at the thrift store today for 11…

2018 Resolutions-Making an effort in 2018!

Another year around the sun. Time to make some new choices, start new habits, and make some changes.

#1 Ethical Clothing Pledge
It has been a while since I did the Ethical Clothing Pledge. I think it is time to try it again. The last time was 2010 (the year I got married). I was losing weight and my sizes kept changing...also I was trying to save money. The same goes for this year. I really need to shed the extra baby weight AND saving money is always good. Plus, fast fashion is so destructive to the world in so many ways. So I am resolved to only purchase recycled/upcycled/thrift clothing, ethically produced clothing, or make the clothing myself. (Note this does not apply to socks, shoes, and undergarments...because grody). I have tons of fabric to use for new clothes. I have all the workout clothing one could ever need and lots of good work clothes. In 2010 I made it the whole year only purchasing one Wonder Woman t-shirt from MAC, one backup wedding dress on clearance from Anthro, …

2017 My Doll Year in Review

Another year down yall. As I look back over my collecting habits for the year, I see some consistencies and a few surprising new directions. So here is my hit list for 2017 in no particular order. And note...I am skipping dolls that are still on pre-order and not arriving until next year.

The Hits

Gigi Hadid Barbie
After teasing us with her on the Barbie Style Instagram, Mattel delivered a very nice doll. The sculpt is gorgeous and she comes with a cute Tommy mini fashion on an articulated (but not made to move) body. I heard the sweatshirt stains but I have not checked mine yet. I just adore the little shorts.

Barbie Fashionistas...Diversity continues

Holy Man Bun! Mattel continued to deliver new sculpts and even added additional body shapes for Ken (Broad, Slim, and Original). We also saw an articulated curvy doll and images for an Curvy Made to Move coming in 2018. Once again, I found myself purchasing a playline doll. Blue Beauty 69 is ADORABLE. Then I had to hunt down the elusive pur…

Dolly Days 2017: Best for Last! Face of Adele Giftset to rule them ALLLLLLL! My precioussssss.

In really do love me some Adele. I currently have three (technically four): Glamazon, Time and Again (AKA Olivia Pope), and my beloved recently acquired grail Soul Deep Adele. I just got the Frosted Glamour Adele from convention but have not quite made up my mind about her. She is lovely and I am pretty sure I am going to keep her as an android pal for Anika...but still have not freed her from her box. People have been rightfully moaning about the difficulty in getting their mitts on Adele (2.0 mold especially). She has either been a convention doll or a limited edition size like we saw with the La Femme gal in the killer red suit. Having clearly heard our cries, Integrity has finally answered them with the MOTHER OF ALL GIFTSETS!  Not one, but all three Adele sculpts with switcheroo torsos in the set with three fashions, a fancy (if slightly creepy) new stand, and three great pairs of footwear for $200. BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE! They are also giving us the option to "complet…