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An Article About me...and my Jeff Nomination

Knitty 2011 Summer Surprise Patterns are up!

Woot more patterns.  A sock, a super super cute cardi, and an adorable ukelele cozy/purse/case!

Convention Dolls at Wilde Imagination

Get em while you can...

Steve Rogers, Super Solider Tonner Character Figure is up for sale!

I doubt he will be there long.  This is a variant outfit and word is that he will be released in his more current outfit late on.  I saw him in person and the sculpt is really great.  He comes with a wig in the box but I don't think he comes with extra hands...which is a huge bummer.  Ltd to 150.

More Tonner 2011 Scoops...

I found my notes from the Tonner convention...

-Hollywood Glamour Line: Two new sculpts for the end of the year...and Jane Russel is NOT one of them.

-When asked if they would release the Cut Your Loses Hal Jordan sculpt as an ultra basic...Robert said they could do that.

-New Mood Tyler: different hand and feet sets to swap and three different body types.

-Dark Shadows...seems like this is pretty likely.  Robert's response was "We are on that..."

-Evangeline to get a new female friend Parnella

-Robert would love to do a Moulin Rouge line but it won't happen since they cannot seem to sell a Nicole Kidman sculpt to save their lives.

-No to Glee or Gossip Girl.

-More DC Women coming

-Sinister Circus is still alive

-Brenda is done

Tonner 2011 Convention Dolls on Tonner Direct

Get em while you can...

New Stuff up at Wilde Imagination- Ellowyne & Evangeline

Tonner Convention 2011 Round progress...

For my own reference...I am trying to compile a list of the haul from this year's convention.  I will add photos, info, and links as I find them.  *indicates included in the main convention package. **Included in cost of Breakout Event.  Everything else was a companion/bonus doll for purchase.  I am sure that I am missing something.

-Convention Bag and 20 Year Pin* $35
-Ellowyne Thrift Store item* (wide assortment...I got Woeful gathered blouse..which I wanted badly!)
-Basic Pin Up* ltd  350. Blonde basic wigged doll w/new "talented" bust on Tyler body. New face sculpt.
-Oops Pin Up, ltd 100. Brunette wigged doll with pink negligee, robe, and phone.
-Puppy Love Base.  Checkerboard base with dog and bowl.  ltd 50 $160 (newsflash...they are considering releasing the resin dog on its own.  Lots of people asked for it and they are thinking about it.)

Young NY
Giftbag with two recent boutique pieces*Tonner Fashion Sketch Folio*Cami, Jon and Andy Fare Ga…

Tonner Convention Scoops:DC Stars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Pirates, etc...

So here is what I remember...

Tim Burton:
Robert has rights to do some of the Tim Burton movies "Re-imagined": Beetlejuice, Charley and the Chocolate Factory, and Corpse Bride.

New sculpted resin Wonder Woman and Superman coming.  The superman sculpt is what Robert is working on in that video released on the blog.

These are still coming and will be resin.

Robert made reference to a new muscular arm sculpt.  Scarlet Witch did not have this new arm.  She did have the new bigger bustline.  They also showed prototypes for Miss Marvel, Phoenix (in the green suit) and Emma Frost.  They are sticking to the women at the moment.

Harry Potter:
Next up is Viktor Krumb in the normal size scale.

Cami & Jon:
No word on Andy's special friend.

Tonner Toys:
Playline dolls to be sold in Toysrus.  First up is Little Mismatched.  Three dolls: Uptown, Sporty, and the Artist...maybe there was a fourth?  They will retail around $30 and have extra clothing packs that w…

Tonner 2011 Convention Brief Update

Just got back from day two.  The Ellowyne event was fun..tasty food.  I like the doll but I don't think she is for me.  I am just not a fan of the inset eyes....try as I might.

Pin Up was also cute but I do not do wig dolls.  So that also nixed the Cami and Jon set (though the outfits were soooo tempting) and the new Gina doll.

Groupon for Sifu Yarns in Andersonville

I have not been to this store yet...but I might have to go for a little look around this weekend.  I don't see any classes that tempt me at the moment enough to buy the groupon, but I am interested in Sci-fi Fridays.

Watership Down interview...

Working on costumes for is some early press.