More Tonner 2011 Scoops...

I found my notes from the Tonner convention...

-Hollywood Glamour Line: Two new sculpts for the end of the year...and Jane Russel is NOT one of them.

-When asked if they would release the Cut Your Loses Hal Jordan sculpt as an ultra basic...Robert said they could do that.

-New Mood Tyler: different hand and feet sets to swap and three different body types.

-Dark Shadows...seems like this is pretty likely.  Robert's response was "We are on that..."

-Evangeline to get a new female friend Parnella

-Robert would love to do a Moulin Rouge line but it won't happen since they cannot seem to sell a Nicole Kidman sculpt to save their lives.

-No to Glee or Gossip Girl.

-More DC Women coming

-Sinister Circus is still alive

-Brenda is done
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