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Good little sale at Wilde Imagination!

I would like to pretend that I did not order an outfit and a doll right before the Wilde Imagination convention....but then I would be lying.

take $20 OFF Any Order of $100 or More from Wilde Imagination ~ 5 DAYS ONLY!

Just use Promo Code FALL12 at checkout to receive the $20 SAVINGS  ~ it's that easy

Support my Theatre: Life of Death Kickstarter my copious spare time....I do theatre.  Actually I am the Artistic Director of WildClaw Theatre.  We are doing a little fundraiser with kickstarter for our next play.  So if you love me, love the arts, love theatre, love clive barker, or any combo of the above...consider throwing some money our way.  Even a tiny amount helps.  Also....consider telling everyone that you have ever met to throw a little money our way.  That helps even more.  And again, thanks so much....