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2017 My Doll Year in Review

Another year down yall. As I look back over my collecting habits for the year, I see some consistencies and a few surprising new directions. So here is my hit list for 2017 in no particular order. And note...I am skipping dolls that are still on pre-order and not arriving until next year.

The Hits

Gigi Hadid Barbie
After teasing us with her on the Barbie Style Instagram, Mattel delivered a very nice doll. The sculpt is gorgeous and she comes with a cute Tommy mini fashion on an articulated (but not made to move) body. I heard the sweatshirt stains but I have not checked mine yet. I just adore the little shorts.

Barbie Fashionistas...Diversity continues

Holy Man Bun! Mattel continued to deliver new sculpts and even added additional body shapes for Ken (Broad, Slim, and Original). We also saw an articulated curvy doll and images for an Curvy Made to Move coming in 2018. Once again, I found myself purchasing a playline doll. Blue Beauty 69 is ADORABLE. Then I had to hunt down the elusive pur…

Dolly Days 2017: Best for Last! Face of Adele Giftset to rule them ALLLLLLL! My precioussssss.

In really do love me some Adele. I currently have three (technically four): Glamazon, Time and Again (AKA Olivia Pope), and my beloved recently acquired grail Soul Deep Adele. I just got the Frosted Glamour Adele from convention but have not quite made up my mind about her. She is lovely and I am pretty sure I am going to keep her as an android pal for Anika...but still have not freed her from her box. People have been rightfully moaning about the difficulty in getting their mitts on Adele (2.0 mold especially). She has either been a convention doll or a limited edition size like we saw with the La Femme gal in the killer red suit. Having clearly heard our cries, Integrity has finally answered them with the MOTHER OF ALL GIFTSETS!  Not one, but all three Adele sculpts with switcheroo torsos in the set with three fashions, a fancy (if slightly creepy) new stand, and three great pairs of footwear for $200. BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE! They are also giving us the option to "complet…