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I'm totally in love with the new "Ice" McQueen collection...

Adore it.

More Tonner Convention Speculation...Possible Marvel Souvenir Dolls

So the "fiery haired temptress" clue gives us a few options.  The most obvious is Black Widow, a fellow Avengers teammate of the Captain. ****But newsflash...Miss Nancy of Tonner has confirmed that it is NOT Black Widow!

Other options include: Jean Grey, Scarlet Witch, Mary Jane Watson, Siryn, Rachel Summers, Mystique, Rogue, Madelaine Pryor, and Firestar.  My second favorite choice would be Lady Medusa of the Inhumans with her 'prehensile hair' gotta love that.  Both would be fantastic options...I am partial to Lady Medusa myself as she would be a killer doll with all that hair! A blue Mystique would also be swell. ***Update: We've been informed that the souvenir doll will be on the 16" Tyler body and not on the 17" Athletic body.  Good news to me.

More on the Captain America Marvel event at the Tonner Convention

New copy from Tonner...the emphasis on Golden Age Captain America means we are NOT getting a Chris Evans film version but rather a comic version. (see the picture).
Tonner's FIRST EVER Marvel® Event will be at the Tonner 20th Anniversary Celebration Convention!
Be The First To See Tonner Reveal The Never-Before-Seen Marvel®   Tonner Character Figures™ !!
Register for the 2011 Tonner Convention NOW, and sign up to attend the FIRST-EVER Tonner Marvel® Event!

*You must be a convention attendee to register for the Marvel® lunch!*
Click HERE to register for the 2011 Tonner Convention! 
   Marvel®'s Captain America™ May 21st, 12:30pm-2:30pm
Red, white, and blue FOREVER!  Not only is this Tonner's first Marvel® event, but it will be the first time Tonner unveils the never-before-seen Marvel® Tonner Character Figures™!  Wear your best red, white, and blue, and enjoy lunch with Captain America™, the star-spangled hero! 
A fiery red-hot temptress will be unveiled and included as t…

Tonner Pure Imagination Convention Breakout Events and Seminars

They are up..most of the seminars are already sold out.  I am a little 'meh' on the Captain America event.  That actor Chris Evans is uber hot though...but I am just not a Marvel fan.  Sounds like the souvenier could be Black Widow with a Scarlett Johannsen likeness? I will go but it's highly unlikely I will be keeping these dolls. Although it sounds like the Captain doll with be a variant and we all won't get suckered into paying full price for a regular line doll (that will later go on sale like Superman).  I will skip the little girl event.  They are always really fun but...$$$$....don't got none.    Ellowyne events are always fun, though I rarely keep the whole doll.  I kept last year's outfits though and sold the dolls due to the glass eyes.  Not a fan of them. I will go to this though if only to get outfits and have fun.  As for the included events:  SUPER EXCITED about Pin up!  I hope the doll is a retro style girl with a cutesy boudoir outfit.  I need t…

Integrity 2011 Lineup=Awesome

Integrity has delivered some serious goods this time.  I literally had to stop looking at the Dynamite line to prevent from getting the whole lot.  The edition numbers are pretty low on everything so all of the doll community is going to be in a lather trying to get these plastic buggers.  I caved and ordered one doll...Color Infusion Rebel Spirit.  I adore the outfit and I love the edgy rockabilly hair and makeup styling.  Plus I figure this is my only chance at scoring the super cute Amelie sculpt.  I am tempted by the red hair poppy..but I think I will save my Poppy dollars for the club Poppy or for the convention later this year. I also really like the Romain Perrin and the Adele doll but can't justify the pre-order.  I like the FR2..but again, the money.  I do want one of those though.  I think I will just save it all for the convention dolls.

People are losing their minds over the Vanessa sculpt makeover.  being new to FR collecting (and more of a dabbler at that), I don'…