Tonner Pure Imagination Convention Breakout Events and Seminars

They are up..most of the seminars are already sold out.  I am a little 'meh' on the Captain America event.  That actor Chris Evans is uber hot though...but I am just not a Marvel fan.  Sounds like the souvenier could be Black Widow with a Scarlett Johannsen likeness? I will go but it's highly unlikely I will be keeping these dolls. Although it sounds like the Captain doll with be a variant and we all won't get suckered into paying full price for a regular line doll (that will later go on sale like Superman).  I will skip the little girl event.  They are always really fun but...$$$$....don't got none.    Ellowyne events are always fun, though I rarely keep the whole doll.  I kept last year's outfits though and sold the dolls due to the glass eyes.  Not a fan of them. I will go to this though if only to get outfits and have fun.  As for the included events:  SUPER EXCITED about Pin up!  I hope the doll is a retro style girl with a cutesy boudoir outfit.  I need to plan something fun to wear to this...maybe a sailor number.  I was hoping there would be a Cami & Jon event as well.  Here's hoping there is a cute Andy doll available to purchase.  The fantasy mask ball sounds awesome!  A Sydney souvenir will be cool and I might just lose my mind if there is a David Bowie companion doll a la Labyrinthe. Fun costume opportunity as well.  I know exactly what I am going to wear for this...squeal.  Pj party with a contest this year!  Weeee!  Maybe I will make something.  And finally for Sunday brunch, when I first heard the convention name, I figured we would be getting something Wonka.  It seems like it will be Wonka Re-imagination though based on the description...that sounds fun.  I do not want some hideous oompa loompa.   

Friday Dinner:ShadowsMay 20th, 6-8pm
She’s a complicated girl living what seems to be a very uncomplicated life.  Join Robert Tonner and Wilde Imagination for an event filled with intrigue, conjecture, and just a hint of ennui – Ellowyne style, of course!  We’ll take a peek into the shadows and explore Ellowyne’s complicated personality and perhaps even answer the burning question: Who IS Ellowyne Wilde?  Dinner, an exclusive Ellowyne doll, a special program, and a little speculation are all included. Event is limited to 250 attendees.  Cost is $199.  Sign up now!

Saturday Breakfast:   
All the Little GirlsMay 21st, 8am-10am
Join us bright and early Saturday morning for this child doll event, where there will be a brand new, HUGE release that’s totally tiny!  Not only will a brand new sculpt be revealed, but it will be a first-time-ever-seen VERY limited edition resin ball jointed gift set souvenir.  Familiar child doll faces will also make an appearance. The centerpiece is certain to amaze even the most grown-up collector!
You will want to be present for this unbelievable reveal, so sign up to join us for a quick round of Ring Around the Rosie…. We’ll fill your pockets full of posies!  This event is $199 per person, and limited to only 250 attendees, so sign up NOW! 

Saturday Lunch: 
Marvel®’s Captain AmericaMay 21st, 12:30pm-2:30pm
Red, white, and blue FOREVER!  Not only is this Tonner’s first Marvel® event, but it will be the first time Tonner unveils the never-before-seen Marvel® Tonner Character Figures™!  Wear your best red, white, and blue, and enjoy lunch with Captain America™, the star-spangled hero! 
A fiery red-hot temptress will be unveiled and included as the souvenir, and a VERY Limited Special Edition Captain America™ will be available for purchase.  Join us and the Sentinel of Liberty, as he continues his never-ending battle for freedom!  This event is $199 per person, and limited to only 250 attendees, so sign up NOW!

Thursday Evening:  Pin-Up May 19th, 7:30pm-9:30pm
Tonner’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Convention will be kicked off with a *bang* at the Thursday evening party!  This event will be an homage to Robert’s love of illustration art.
A new Tonner sculpt will be unveiled, and we’ll sip from a champagne fountain, and enjoy some sweet and savory treats.    As always, playing dress-up is suggested and encouraged, but never mandatory.  *Note:  There is no meal included at this event, only dessert and hors de oeuvres.  This event is included in your registration fee.

Friday Brunch: 
Young New YorkMay 20th, 11am-1pm
Andy Mills, Cami & Jon™ invite you to Young New York!  The 3 hip urbanites are throwing a cosmopolitan brunch that is sure to be the swankiest of the swank!  Experience the excitement of the Big Apple, with its vibrant, colorful culture and frenzied fast pace, in a way only Andy, Cami & Jon™ can portray.
Enjoy only the most delicious meal prepared by Cami and her staff, and in addition to the delightful brunch spread, a new Cami & Jon™ character will be introduced!  Both the souvenir doll and the brand new character will be available for purchase at the event.  You won’t want to miss this posh party!  This meal only event is included in your registration fee.

Saturday Dinner: 
Fantasy Masquerade BallMay 21st, 6pm-8pm
“Inspiration and fantasy meld under mask and cloak where nobles dance in the Faerie Court and legends take precious breath. Here is where our dreams are born. . .”             -The Labyrinth
Gather the court, and make ready for the most elaborate Masquerade Ball yet!  Join us for a night of enchantment on Saturday evening, and wear your most excellent masquerade finery!  As always, costumes are suggested and encouraged, but never mandatory. 
Get lost within the borders of chaos and light, where nobles dance among the Fey, and goblins wait with hungry eyes in the wings of their court.  In addition to dinner and dance, a very special appearance will be made by the ever-so-lovely Sydney, in the form of a souvenir doll.  Won’t you join us for some devilry and delight?  This event is included in your registration fee.

Saturday Night: 
PJ PartyMay 21st 9pm-10:30pm
Party down with Team Tonner at the famous PJ Party Extravaganza!  Wear only your finest PJs, because there is going to be a PJ Contest, and there will be prizes given in the following categories:  Best Superhero PJs, Best Holiday PJs, Best Glam PJs, and Best 1950s PJs.
Sure to be a night of fun, there will be late-night snacks and a raffle drawing!  For this event only, the dress code is required so be sure to wear your PJ’s. This event is included in your registration fee.

Sunday Breakfast: 
Scrumdiddlyumptious BreakfastMay 22nd, 9am-11am
Indulge your sweet tooth at the Sunday morning breakfast, as Tonner and Tim Burton team up for some re-imagined Wonka fun!  Sure to be a vision like you’ve never seen, take a peek inside Robert’s Pure Imagination.
Among other enchantments and surprises, there will be a charity auction of One-of-a-Kinds, so be prepared to bid!  In addition, there will be a very special vinyl guest, sure to amaze and delight!  You won’t want to miss this fantastical journey, with Robert leading the way!  This event is included in your registration fee.
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