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2016 Resolutions...Making an Effort, Making Better Choices, Simplify, Joy, & TCB in a Flash!

So another year, another round of resolutions.  2015 brought lots of change for me.  I left a job that I had for fifteen years...basically the only 'real' job I had ever had (not counting Dairy Queen).  I moved away from my family, friends, and creative home (Sweet Home Chicago) and set up a new life in Charlotte with a new job as Assistant Professor of Costume Design.  The transition has not been easy.  Moving was HORRIBLE. The new job is great but brings some new stress (cough *tenure terror* cough).  My new house is a bit smaller than the old apartment but much better for the tiny human boy child.  The kid is doing great.  He seems to be enjoying himself. My husband is utterly miserable and I am slightly miserable.  It's lonely in a new place and making new friends is not the easiest thing to do but we are trying.  The theatre scene in town in non-existent. It is tragic and depressing. The food is decent.  The weather has been gloriously mild.  I laugh when I see peopl…

Integrity ITBE Grab Box Frenzy-My Results...#ihavenowillpower

Integrity offered some grab boxes during the month of December for club members.  The Mystery boxes featured one of eight new ITBE dolls (Jasper, Jordan/Tatyana, Ayumi, Darla, Josephine/Gaga, Finley Brunette, Finley Blonde, & Mongram) and extras.  Initially you could only order one, then it opened up.  It seems like the best option, if you had the available cash or credit to do it, was to order eight at once.  If you did that, you did not get any repeats and were thus guaranteed to get all of the sculpts.  I had one box to my Poppy Airways order and then another when I paid for Jem's Craig Phillips.  The first two orders yielded a Brunette Finley (gorgeous!) and DG Design a Doll extras (which I already had).  The second order had Darla (very cute but I don't think I am keeping her) and the DG winter fashion that everyone seems to have gotten in their orders.  Also the adorable sandals from DG Tooka.  I like the little winter fashion though.  It will be cute on Poppy.  I r…

Planners: A Thing I Didn't Even Know Was A Thing That's Soon To Be My Thing

So I had been pondering going back to the antiquated world of paper for my calendar.  In an effort to get off of my phone a little more, I thought an old school planner or datebook might be a good fit.  Little did I know I would be diving into a whole new hobby (the LAST thing that I need). I had a Dayrunner back in the oldey timey days before smart phones...but it was far from cute or sexy.  When I started searching for the modern equivalent, I fell down a rabbit hole on Pinterest.  Evidently this is a thing.  Planners are an obsession. It seems like it is another form of journaling for some or a creative thing for others.

I am obsessed with all things rose gold and went looking for something in that flavor. Kate Spade has a gorgeous but pricey one. There was also an offering from Erin Condren...but I wanted something less binder looking. I ended up going for a regular shiny gold version from Dokibook. I plan to do it in mint and peach and black accents.  I got some cute filler pape…