Integrity ITBE Grab Box Frenzy-My Results...#ihavenowillpower

Integrity offered some grab boxes during the month of December for club members.  The Mystery boxes featured one of eight new ITBE dolls (Jasper, Jordan/Tatyana, Ayumi, Darla, Josephine/Gaga, Finley Brunette, Finley Blonde, & Mongram) and extras.  Initially you could only order one, then it opened up.  It seems like the best option, if you had the available cash or credit to do it, was to order eight at once.  If you did that, you did not get any repeats and were thus guaranteed to get all of the sculpts.  I had one box to my Poppy Airways order and then another when I paid for Jem's Craig Phillips.  The first two orders yielded a Brunette Finley (gorgeous!) and DG Design a Doll extras (which I already had).  The second order had Darla (very cute but I don't think I am keeping her) and the DG winter fashion that everyone seems to have gotten in their orders.  Also the adorable sandals from DG Tooka.  I like the little winter fashion though.  It will be cute on Poppy.  I really wanted to get my hands on Ayumi though and her prices are crazy on evil-bay.  Plus, it seemed like later orders were coming with some amazing extras.  So I decided to go for broke and order five knowing that I could likely sell repeat dolls and would maybe get the Ayumi and something else good.  BEST CHOICE EVER!  I am so excited about Ayumi. I don't have the sculpt yet and I just love her.  I am also liking Brunette Finely. I think I will trade or sell the others.  Jordan and Ayumi seemed to be the most popular with Josephine and the Finleys right behind them. I think Darla won many people over. Monogram and Jasper seem to be acquired tastes....with people wither loving or hating them.  I think the Monogram is pretty unique in that skin tone...but she does not really fit in my collection.

My Extras Haul:
Outfit from Adele Soul Deep from the 2010 Dazzle Collection
Partial Victoire Roux Fauberg St Honore Fashion from 2011 Jet Set Convention
Dressmaker Details Savoir Flair outfit
Dressmaker Details Wind Song outfit from 2009 FR Convention
DG Wool Tweed Winter Chill Outfit variation x2
Black DG Mary Janes
DG Tooka sandals
DG Build a Doll extras from the convention (iconic or jetset?)

Darla x2, Monogram, Brunette and Blonde Finley, Ayumi, & Josephine

My extras proved to be amazing.  I am most pleased with the partial Victoire Roux fashion as I loved it when it was introduced at convention but did not get the coupon to buy her. The Dressmaker fashions are also swell...lots of detail and goodies.  The sequin dress from Adele is super cute and has amazing shoes which will be great for Ayumi (until I am able to get an updated nuFace body for her).

The link to purchase the boxes went poof without warning the other day leaving many disgruntled and even more relieved to have the temptation gone.  When last checked, folks estimated that there were at least 500 boxes left according to the shopping cart.  Of course we don't know that for sure.  Now to speculate what Integrity might do with these possible extras.  Perhaps we will see them make a comeback at the 2016 Convention in Chicago?  What did you get?


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