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Principles of Knitting...the holy grail of knitting books

Stumbled upon a copy of this in the college library today. I was very excited. Why no one has re-issued this book is beyond me! I just started reading it and I'm hoping ti will be most helpful with the Master Knitter program.

40% Pre-2010 Tonner Dolls at Angelic Dreamz!

Including several of the fabulous Sinister Circus dolls! Oh why must I be so broke?

Ravelympics Talia Vest WIP Finished

Well..mostly finished. I have a button to sew on...but I consider it done! Buttons to be sewed on during rehearsal this evening. I will be wearing this tomorrow!

From Knitting

Ravelympics Shalom Cardigan Finished!

Weeee! Done!From Drop Box

Help fight MS! Join me or donate for the Chicago MS Walk 2010!

Please consider sponsoring me for the Chicago MS Walk 2010...or join me for the walk! I will be knitting something orange and walking...

Free Spring Dress Pattern for Ellowyne from Perfect Patterns!

New Interweave Knits Spring 2010

Just got my newest issue. Rough thoughts....

Love the Aran Necklace Camisole..., Double V Cardigan, Rose Window beret, and the Mona's Jacket (nice and fast knit I bet).

I think i will actually knit the Tissue Cardigan as I already have the yarn in my stash and it looks like a fun challenge.

I take issue with the issue however. Are there no lights at Interweave Knits? Why is EVERYTHING taken in the dark? It's depressing and I cannot see what is happening with the knitting. Grumble.

Tonner Images from Toyfair...Lara Croft, Huntress, Doctor Who & More!

Gwen and Captain Jack look wonderful. I wish David Tennant's hair was more like Edward Cullen's though.

On the Twilight front, the Jacob doll looks really good.

Also, it looks like we are getting Harry Potter dolls on the smaller Marley 12" like them as kids from the first two films. The Sinister Circus stuff is killer and will take all of my money.

Huntress looks wonderful! I believe she will be a Chicago C2E2 exclusive. I cannot tell if that is a new face sculpt. It sort of looks like Wonder Woman. The costume is great and really accurate. Harley...meh. I would have liked a more unique outfit. Or maybe I would be more tempted by an all pleather version like the Catwoman Deluxe. I don't think this outfit makes her worth the price. Though of course I will happily try to get her on sale. They also need to make a Joker figure on the larger body to go with her though. I adore Power Girl! But where are the men? Hawkman? Green Arrow? Flash? A Clark…

Swapo-rama-rama in Chicago = Crafty awesomeness

You should come. I will be volunteering. Bring some clothes and a bit of cash and take home some more awesome clothes.

Oh Shiny! New Benefit Legally Bronze Set at Sephora!

Me wants it. It's sold out online though. Boo...luckily Oakbrook Terrace Sephora still has them. I absolutely ADORE Benefit makeup. The High Beam highlighter is fabulous and the Hula Bronzer is the best out there in my humble opinion. I need to get a nice giftset with the Benetint too when I have some more cashola. I recently splurged on the Celebutante set for travel purposes and it was wonderful. I think it will be my wedding makeup actually...or at least the touch up travel kit coming with me to the reception.

Wildclaw Dance of the Demented Benefit! 2/10 9p-2:20a

A benefit for the world premiere stage adaptation of Willam Peter Blatty's LEGION
Dance of the Demented!
Saturday, February 20th, 2010
Join us to dance, drink and party.

Watch the live creation of horror art by top illustrators throughout the venue from a bevy of sexy models.
Feel free to bring your sketchbooks and laptops (charge those batteries!) and create your own horror masterpiece.

Members of Michelle L'Amour's Chicago Starlets
Internationally Acclaimed Burlesque Beauties!

9:00PM to 2:30AM † The Viaduct Theatre
3111 N. Western Avenue, Chicago Map

$15 in advance/$20 at the door will get you
all the beats you can dance to and a chance
to drink and sketch with the best, if you like.

Wine, beer, and cocktails available
at the Viaduct bar.

(Emergency exorcisms available from the priest at the end of the bar. Confess your favorite Exorcist/Legion memories for our website.)

Huzzah...Skin of Our Teeth Review!

Weeee! I got a nice review!

Tonner Twilight Jacob Black Sneak Peak

Not too shabby...looks like he is on the superhero 17" male body. Either that or they have made a beefier arm sculpt for the regular Matt 17" body.

Tonner's Doctor Who & Torchwood Dolls Finally Approved...

Doll store Two Day Dreamers just reported that the BBC has finally approved Tonner's Torchwood and Doctor Who dolls...FINALLY! Ugh but now to come up with the cash to get these...sigh.

Enchanted Doll to have a Resin Line!

This lady's work is stunning...these resin dolls are greatly anticipated. I cannot wait to see what she presents in way of dolly temptation.

New Ellowyne & Evangeline

I love the new shoes for Ellowyne. The Visiting Frogmore Evangeline is gorgeous!

They also have free shipping:
Just enter Promo Code ECA at checkout to receive FREE shipping on any WildeImagination order of $75 or More! International customers use Promo Code ECB to SAVE $9.95 on orders of $75 or More

Jedi Knitter Training....

So for my 2010 Alyrenee Upgrade...I have decided to do the TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program. I got my materials today. Very exciting...feel free to join me!

Sinister Circus Madame Myst Tonner Direct Exclusive

I nearly missed this bit...the fabulous Madame Myst is a exclusive.

Tonner's Cami & Jon Collection is Live!

Let me know what you think..I am still looking. The biggest and not unwelcome surprise is that the collection is "made to order"..meaning they want have piles of this stuff going on uber-clearance a year later. That also effectively means I probably cannot get any of it since I rely on the clearances heavily.

Cami & Jon Collection

Cami looks like a variation on the Cinderella head sculpt to me who I think looks like a bitchy high school cheerleader. No really that tempted. The outfits have a more youthful edgy look but thus far I think i can resist. The images for Jonquil aren't there yet...I keep you updated.

Update! Jon will evidently be a variation on the Jaq face sculpt for the Antoinette body. Here's a link to some photos by George!