Tonner Images from Toyfair...Lara Croft, Huntress, Doctor Who & More!

Gwen and Captain Jack look wonderful. I wish David Tennant's hair was more like Edward Cullen's though.

On the Twilight front, the Jacob doll looks really good.

Also, it looks like we are getting Harry Potter dolls on the smaller Marley 12" like them as kids from the first two films. The Sinister Circus stuff is killer and will take all of my money.

Huntress looks wonderful! I believe she will be a Chicago C2E2 exclusive. I cannot tell if that is a new face sculpt. It sort of looks like Wonder Woman. The costume is great and really accurate. Harley...meh. I would have liked a more unique outfit. Or maybe I would be more tempted by an all pleather version like the Catwoman Deluxe. I don't think this outfit makes her worth the price. Though of course I will happily try to get her on sale. They also need to make a Joker figure on the larger body to go with her though. I adore Power Girl! But where are the men? Hawkman? Green Arrow? Flash? A Clark Kent? Pretty please??? Lara Croft character Amanda Winter! Weee!
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