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Positively Evil Sale at Cherished Friends

oh man...I really should not have looked at the Cherished Friends sale...must resist....

The Woven: Ravelry for Sewers

I think I might have found what I was looking for: The Woven...instead of hacking Ravelry I can just use this website! I am waiting for my beta membership and then i will let you know if it pans out!

Episode #007 Copa Stash-bana

Barry says, "Get a grip of your Stash...or else!"

Look a new episode!

***UPDATE! Evidently we are not supposed to hack Ravelry in the way that i suggest in the podcast. my bad! But try this place: The Woven!
All about stash management...taming the savage collection!
More notes when I get some sleep...
Comic Book Collector Software
The DollPage
Taking a Doll Inventory

Group on Ravelry:

FS/FT Got Engaged Sale...

I got engaged (squeal!)...and we are thinking we will be having the wedding at our house in the summer. SO I have got to get some of these gals out of the house (so my in-laws don't think I am crazy) and save some money! So enjoy the dolly eviction sale and rock bottom prices. I will also be putting lots of stuff on my show and sell page and ebay as well! Please see below for my trades! Shoot me an email at (obviously removing the no-spam)

Prices do not include shipping. Dolls complete unless otherwise noted. Items from a non-smoking but cat-friendly home. International buyers welcome but I will only ship international priority mail (except to canada...we can do airmail) and I will not lie on customs forms (sorry, I have been burned recently and I cannot afford to lose the money if something goes missing). Paypal or US postal money orders. I have positive feedback on ebay under alyrenee.

Fashion Royalty:
-Live Wire Clone NRFB+extra wig from FR Con $175

15% Off & Free Shipping at Tonner Direct!

use the code THANKSGIVING to get 15% off most items and free shipping at Tonner Direct! International Buyers use the code TURKEY to get 15% off and a shipping credit.

I am tempted...sorely tempted...

Update...gach i could not resist the Coco outfit for as a Wonder Woman disguise outfit...and Agent 99 to be Donna Troy.

Patina Fashion at Superfrock!

This one is soooo tempting. I love this outfit and those boots are killer. But must resist to save for wedding shenanigans...

Parachuted silk durndel! overdyed and pinstriped!
Corseted to the top of the Alps and back.....
belt up boots bearing stiletto heels and straps with buckles.
Hand stitched birdprint detail.
Overdye characteristics may vary from frock to frock.
Shipping starts week ending 04 December 2009
Price: £154.76 (Excluding VAT at 15%)

Yudu for me?

I am thinking about buying a Yudu...anyone have one?

Indiewed Event in Chicago

This sounds fabulous...I cannot wait to go.

Tonner Tyler 10th Anniversary Dolls on Tonnerdirect!

The dolls are my pretties, fly.

Falling down on my Blog Duties...Quick updates

Ugh...between getting engaged and dealing with some sort of jungle sickness...I have barely had time to look at email let alone deal with my blog and here are some quick updates...

New Ultra Basics at Tonner...including Mei Li!

Dollheart BJD Grab bag time...weeee!

Gene Convention Dates June 3-5, 2010

Cherished Friends Fall Sale Continues...

More sale stuff...and of course the doll that my mom wants is on there...sigh.

I'm engaged....squeal.

prepare yourselves, gentle listeners/readers...for lots of wedding talk to come. I swear that my first thoughts were in this order:

*Thought bubble*
Oh my god that ring is beautiful (rubies and diamonds)...I can't believe i am not even wearing lipstick...let's get champagne...let's stop by borders to get wedding magazines...i can't wait to knit a wedding shawl...making my dress will be super wonder woman knit hat is awesome good luck (was wearing it when Brian proposed)...if I got the wedding band made with sapphire stars then my ring would be very wonder woman-esque.
*thought bubble ends*


Sybarite Voltaire is up!

The latest clone is up at Superfrock! I like this one the best I think...but sadly I must resist. I believe there were several holiday items that came and went this weekend. I did not see them as I was a little pre-occupied :).