FS/FT Got Engaged Sale...

I got engaged (squeal!)...and we are thinking we will be having the wedding at our house in the summer. SO I have got to get some of these gals out of the house (so my in-laws don't think I am crazy) and save some money! So enjoy the dolly eviction sale and rock bottom prices. I will also be putting lots of stuff on my show and sell page and ebay as well! Please see below for my trades! Shoot me an email at alyreneeNOSPAM@aim.com (obviously removing the no-spam)

Prices do not include shipping. Dolls complete unless otherwise noted. Items from a non-smoking but cat-friendly home. International buyers welcome but I will only ship international priority mail (except to canada...we can do airmail) and I will not lie on customs forms (sorry, I have been burned recently and I cannot afford to lose the money if something goes missing). Paypal or US postal money orders. I have positive feedback on ebay under alyrenee.

Fashion Royalty:
-Live Wire Clone NRFB+extra wig from FR Con $175
-Bionica Jordan complete $50
-IBTE Fresh NRFB $25

Tonner Dolls Complete:
-Rufus Rutter Unrequited from convention $75
-Tess Trueheart NRFB $65
-Pure Antoinette $140
-Miss Match Prudence (no org. shipper/poem) $100
-BJD Daffie Tiny Betsy & case from Tonner Con $225

Nudes with original hairstyles:
-Athena's Champion Deluxe Wonder Woman $100
-Spiderman Waitress Mary Jane $30
-American Beauty Charlotte Brunette BA Body $15
-NYCB Rehearsal Brunette Emilie (heavily stained lower legs) $30
-High Seas Betty Ann on BA body $40 (head only for $25/no orginal box)

Tonner Clothes: (you can see pictures on my showandsell page...)
-Shakespeare in the Park (dress,wrap,shoes,roses) $35
-Madison Ave Giftset Lot $50
-Wild Thing Lot $20 HOLD
-Bal Harbor Lot $40
-Metro Dolls Sport Lot $16
-Sketchbook Savvy Lot $40
-$20 Yoga Sport Lot
-Par Excellence Daphne Fashion $35 (no original purse)
-Graphic Lot $25

Matt Clothes:
-Lee Scorsby outfit complete $50
-Matt Hero Firemen Outfit $25
-Matt Pjs, t-shirt, slippers $10
-Chase Model Party Sean outift $40

-Sybarite Couture Swallow outfit (no sequin bolero) $200
-Blade corset and underwear $40

Susie Stuff:
-BIC Shimotsuma Goth Susie Complete $70

School Girl Mix Complete $75 (haven't found original packaging yet...)

Mini-fee Shu Shu w/faceup & eyes $250
Angel Region Jade w/two outfits $150

And more on my Show and sell(but note that the prices are cheaper on this list than on the listing on the show and sell...)

Trades Wanted:FAO Wonder Woman trunk fashions, Diana of Themyscira outfit, Joan Crawford Jungle Red Outfit, Fashion Royalty Eden from the Heist convention...or outfit only.
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