Thursday, November 26, 2009

FS/FT Got Engaged Sale...

I got engaged (squeal!)...and we are thinking we will be having the wedding at our house in the summer. SO I have got to get some of these gals out of the house (so my in-laws don't think I am crazy) and save some money! So enjoy the dolly eviction sale and rock bottom prices. I will also be putting lots of stuff on my show and sell page and ebay as well! Please see below for my trades! Shoot me an email at (obviously removing the no-spam)

Prices do not include shipping. Dolls complete unless otherwise noted. Items from a non-smoking but cat-friendly home. International buyers welcome but I will only ship international priority mail (except to canada...we can do airmail) and I will not lie on customs forms (sorry, I have been burned recently and I cannot afford to lose the money if something goes missing). Paypal or US postal money orders. I have positive feedback on ebay under alyrenee.

Fashion Royalty:
-Live Wire Clone NRFB+extra wig from FR Con $175
-Bionica Jordan complete $50
-IBTE Fresh NRFB $25

Tonner Dolls Complete:
-Rufus Rutter Unrequited from convention $75
-Tess Trueheart NRFB $65
-Pure Antoinette $140
-Miss Match Prudence (no org. shipper/poem) $100
-BJD Daffie Tiny Betsy & case from Tonner Con $225

Nudes with original hairstyles:
-Athena's Champion Deluxe Wonder Woman $100
-Spiderman Waitress Mary Jane $30
-American Beauty Charlotte Brunette BA Body $15
-NYCB Rehearsal Brunette Emilie (heavily stained lower legs) $30
-High Seas Betty Ann on BA body $40 (head only for $25/no orginal box)

Tonner Clothes: (you can see pictures on my showandsell page...)
-Shakespeare in the Park (dress,wrap,shoes,roses) $35
-Madison Ave Giftset Lot $50
-Wild Thing Lot $20 HOLD
-Bal Harbor Lot $40
-Metro Dolls Sport Lot $16
-Sketchbook Savvy Lot $40
-$20 Yoga Sport Lot
-Par Excellence Daphne Fashion $35 (no original purse)
-Graphic Lot $25

Matt Clothes:
-Lee Scorsby outfit complete $50
-Matt Hero Firemen Outfit $25
-Matt Pjs, t-shirt, slippers $10
-Chase Model Party Sean outift $40

-Sybarite Couture Swallow outfit (no sequin bolero) $200
-Blade corset and underwear $40

Susie Stuff:
-BIC Shimotsuma Goth Susie Complete $70

School Girl Mix Complete $75 (haven't found original packaging yet...)

Mini-fee Shu Shu w/faceup & eyes $250
Angel Region Jade w/two outfits $150

And more on my Show and sell(but note that the prices are cheaper on this list than on the listing on the show and sell...)

Trades Wanted:FAO Wonder Woman trunk fashions, Diana of Themyscira outfit, Joan Crawford Jungle Red Outfit, Fashion Royalty Eden from the Heist convention...or outfit only.
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