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Poppin' Tags: Up-cycling Your Tiny Couture! Use Thrift Store Finds for Doll and Human Projects! Part One

Fabric ain't cheap y'all.  Even though you don't need a whole lot to make Babs a new gown...I half a yard of silk is going to set you back around $10 bucks at most fabric stores (assuming you are lucky to live near a store that carries silk) you still need lining, thread, and closures...oh and beads...etc. For that same $10 you can often get a WHOLE DRESS with way more yardage and re-usable bits at a thrift store! It's a concept known as up-cycling...all the hip kids are doing it. It is good for the world and your wallet.  Take someone's sad nineties bridesmaid dress and make it into something cool...or make it into many cool somethings and sell them...or wash your car with it...whatever the case, these things don't need to end up in a land fill.  Make do and up-cycle!

Here are some tips for shopping:
Learn how to read labels for fiber content.  Learn names of fibers (i.e. Viscose is another name for rayon.  Elastane is the same as spandex. Cotton is well.…

New Custom Jem & Misfits Fashions on my Etsy Store!

I churned through a bunch of outfits this weekend and got the photos uploaded.  Check them out!