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I worked on this...Review: The Weir/Seanachai Theatre Company

Tonner Tuesday...good Deals

Very tempted by the Superhero casual outfit...

Tonner Fall/Holiday 2010 Collection

This is old news..but I have barely looked at it yet...

For Firefly...Jayne looks good and I cannot wait to see Zoe...I am just so pleased to be getting more of these.

Lord of the Rings- Galadriel is STUNNING.  I will hold me opinions for Legolas until i see him in person.  the outfits look great though.

Cami & Jon  I completely adore Andy Mills with his hipster glasses, skinny leg suit, and emo hair.  I want him.

DC Stars  The girls in 13" format are cute..but I just can't do yet another size especially when it's not even a different Supergirl outfit!

Deanna Denton  the new one is GORGEOUS.  I am tempted to get her just because her hair is the same color as mine and almost exactly how I wore mine for the wedding...and I could make her into a swell mini-me.

Antoinette  I like the giant statement jewelery and obvious couture influences but these dolls just aren't for me.  I need to keep a focus on this crazy habit of mine.

Harry Potter  Well aren't these the most ador…

New Tonner Direct Exclusive Cami Gold Label

She is tre' cute.  I especially love her hair color. The dress is pretty cute as well.  I am semi-tempted...but wedding broke.

Back from Honeymoon

I have returned and will get back to previously scheduled craftiness shortly...but here's a dose of wedding cuteness.

Sale at Marl & B! Great Deal on Doctor Who & Torchwood! so want some dolls right now.  It's been a long dolly dry spell.

Torchwood dolls going at good prices too...

Tonner Clearance at Two Day Dreamers...Sinister Circus on the cheap...

I am sooooo tempted to pick up some of the Sinister Circus dolls....must resist.  Also, Torchwood and Doctor Who is also on sale.

Deluxe Benefit Perfume Sample Coupon. Free at JC Penney..

You know how I love my Benefit...

Sale at Haute Doll Boutique...Bambola is now $300!

Drat...wish I !had waited to buy her but she is sooooo wonderful!  Scoop her up everyone!  There is also a good deal on two Sybarite PattaArt wigs.  And the fantastic BJD book is only $10!

Vampire Knits Book...yummy

To keep your sparkle-pyre warm.

Me Wants...

New Evangeline Ghastly Doll & Wigs

I need one of the vinyl versions... Free Shipping with the code SUMMER.

Yarn and Dress Fast Broken...Satisfying splurges!

I purchased the Sweet Shoppe Dress from Anthro as a backup wedding dress (in case it gets too darn hot) AND I went to the Arcadia Knitting makeover sale.  It was quite a haul and a satisfying one knowing that I have been soooooo good this year and both of these purchases were very much needed and appreciated.

For $138 bucks I acquired:
Ashford Hand Carders (Squeal!)
Lace Blocking Wires (UBER-Squeal!)
About 8-10oz of lovely Celadon colored wool roving.  yum.
Bearfoot Mountain Colors Sock yarn in Indian Paintbrush (deep red)
Two Skeins of Cascade Alpaca Lace in a mossy green
Two Skeins Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Happy Stripe (teal and yellow)
Brittany DPNs in sz 1
Addi Turbo sz 17/24"
Two back issues of Spinoff and Piecework
Shannon Okey's Spin to Knit book
And a couple of display items to use for my Copious Spare Time booth and my wedding!

It was a very good yarn day.  And now the yarn diet begins again.  Next splurge is a skein or two of  souvenir yarn in New Orleans …