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Doll Millinery on Ebay!

Treat your girls to a festive new hat to add some instant drama to your collection!  Hats and some dolls on ebay now!

High End Erin will be mine!

It's raining dolls...Hot Toys Hawkeye should be arriving any moment!  Yee Haw!  I managed to acquire all four of the FR Convention Color Infusion Style Lab fashions and the show pack as well as one of the dolls so that I can get started sewing for Jem right now.  The outfits are fantastic.  So much mix and match potential and the pieces work well with many of the design a doll fashions from last year's convention.  And then today I found out I get to buy the High End Erin doll that I missed out on the first time she was offered to the W Club.  I don't have an Erin and I think this one is pretty sweet.