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FAO Exclusive Purple Rain Ellowyne Wilde $150

Cute outfit and hairstyle...these sell out quickly so jump if ya want her. She's limited to 350. Sadly I could not locate any current coupon codes for FAO. Bummer.

Ellowyne Wilde Purple Rain
Price: $150

In quiet darkness my hopes they drain, Small steps, cold heart - like PURPLE RAIN; With an unknowing smile I give Sybil my hand,Which she licks as if saying: I understand

Eternally bored and ready to conquer the doll world....if only she had the energy (sigh). Designed by Robert Tonner for Wilde Imagination, Ellowyne is definitely a doll with a mood. She stands 16" tall and is made of vinyl and hard plastic, with hand-painted features and beautiful red saran hair.

Toy Fair 2008- Tonner Doll Company Photos!

There are some great shots here... The Tyler BJD has a pop off head to change eyes...which is cool. Dick Tracy's outfit looks swell but I really hope that is not the actual doll! He MUST have the hook nose. I also saw a sneak peek of Superman...and whoa...I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. I cannot wait for this guy. I am also very pleased to report that he was shown with a closed punching fist hand. Very very cool. I think I might make a sexy Joker to go with Harleyquin. That Joker is very cool..but I would prefer a less scary version. The new Aquaman seems to share Batman's face. The sculpt looks great. I guess I will have to get two Aqua Dudes! Maybe I can redo the first Aquaman into someone else? He would make a good Thor? Perhaps Atom? Or Flash? I also must get my hands on the previews Wonder Woman in that very over the top outfit. I just adore it...cheesy stars and all.

I also think I MUST have Sister Dreary now and I will be buying her Winter fashion. That joker hat…

New Sybarite Exclusive- Trapeze & Hunt outfits

Angelic Dreamz Doll Store of New York has a new exclusive Sybarite, "Trapeze" that comes in red moc-croc undergarments and a matching carry bag. She has a black wig, smokey eyes, and pale lips. She is expected in late March and sells for $495 + $15 for shipping. I believe she is limited to 300 pieces.

They also have the Ban the Hunt fashions for sale in the over $200 range...which is about the same if you bought them from Superdoll. I am not sure what the shipping is on these.

Tonner Doll Convention Musings...Breakout Events Tra la!

Weeeee! For those lucky few going to the Chicago Tonner 2008 Convention (yours truly among the lucky), the breakout events have just been posted. (thought the site seems to be up and down...forewarned). I hastily signed up for both the Tiny Betsy Mother Goose Re-Imagined event ($190) and the Daily Planet Lunch ($125). I love Tiny Betsy and the idea of a Betsy bjd in resin sounds FABULOUS. I hope she is very cute and looks more like the cute custom versions you see in Dolly Dolly and Dolly Bird Japanese magazines. And of course everyone is a-buzz about the Lady G 16" resin BJD using the Cinderella sculpt that will be one of the two companion dolls. I know she is going to cost a pretty penny. I don't have a Cinderella head sculpt doll yet and I do love the Re-Imagined lineup. I am praying for something spectacular...and hopefully I will get the chance to buy her! The event is open to 125 people but there are only 100 Lady G dolls. Seems 25 people are going home unhap…

Striking against ebay & need a dolly fix? Try this site! Doll is giving you an option...currently a FREE option. Nice. There isn't a huge amount of stuff up there right now...but the listings and members are growing. i am hoping to get some stuff up there this weekend...

And for non-dolly goods, there's of course.

Lots o' Dolls and Doll Clothes for Sale!

I am clearing out a lot of my collection and keeping only my very favorite things...
International is okay with references. Paypal or Money Order. Trades listed at the bottom. All items from a smoke-free but not pet-free house. Prices do not include shipping.

Pictures and more info can be found here:

Here's the basic list though and some special deals:

Tiny Kitty Collection:
$25 Gold Christmas hatbox dress
$25 Convention Brunch at the Ritz fashion
$3 Handmade cute knit striped dress
$15 OOAK Silk Cocktails Dress

Alex Fashions:
$7 Country Road jacket, shorts, bag
$10 Alex Cape Cod Fashion complete

Tyler Boutique/Loose Fashions:
$10 Beaded Lilac Angora Wrap Sweater
$2 pink lingerie halter
$2 white lingerie halter

Tyler Fashions:
$30 OOAk miami heat tyler fashion

Men's Fashion:
Captain Jack Sparrow Complete Mint Outfit $50

Possible Trades: I am looking for the following...

Sister Dreary, 6/7 Wigs for Evangeline, Ellowyne Wilde…

Ebay Strike Feb 19th-24th!

Money grubbing jerkfaces. Strike! Strike! Strike! No buying, selling, posting, etc...

Vogue Winter 07/08 Cabled Shrug In Progress

Had a snow day yesterday and all of my knitting projects were at work. grrr. So i started a new one. I am using the Cabled Shrug pattern from Vogue Knitting Winter 2007/2008 and making it with Noro Kureyon #95 instead of Silk Garden. I absolutely love the yumminess of these colors and the cable pattern is fun. Figuring out how to follow the fairly complicated instructions was making my brain hurt though but I think I've got it down now. Assuming I finish this (fingers crossed) this will be my very first sweater! Weee!

Two by Two Firefly Blue Gloves In Progress

Slowly but surely...I am nearly there with one of the opera gloves. Weee....

Promo Code Evangeline Ghastly ends 2/10

I am very happy to say I have an Evangeline Ghastly on the way. I got mine from Prego from her original owner and made out like a bandit. I cannot wait to sew for her! They currently have a deal to get $13 off an order of $75 or more at the Wilde Imagination website so now might be the time to snag an outfit or some of the accessories. I am thinking about one of outfits...I wish they had shoe packs for her or more wigs.

The code is EGA. Buy my pretties, buy!

Drinking and Purling....Knitting at Bars!

So now that indoor smoking has been banned in Chicago...I can happily bring my knitting to the bars. If you happened to wander into the Four Moon Tavern (best bar ever) last night during the would have found me knitting by candlelight or jumping out of my seat to scream for Eli Manning. Bars are dark places I recommend easy things to knit. I was working on my two by two blue opera gloves and kept having to run into the ladies bathroom to make sure I had not dropped a stitch. But still, not a bad way to spend an evening and Matt the bartender happily provided me with scissors to cut my yarn. Like I said, best bar ever.