FAO Exclusive Purple Rain Ellowyne Wilde $150

Cute outfit and hairstyle...these sell out quickly so jump if ya want her. She's limited to 350. Sadly I could not locate any current coupon codes for FAO. Bummer.

Ellowyne Wilde Purple Rain
Price: $150

In quiet darkness my hopes they drain, Small steps, cold heart - like PURPLE RAIN; With an unknowing smile I give Sybil my hand,Which she licks as if saying: I understand

Eternally bored and ready to conquer the doll world....if only she had the energy (sigh). Designed by Robert Tonner for Wilde Imagination, Ellowyne is definitely a doll with a mood. She stands 16" tall and is made of vinyl and hard plastic, with hand-painted features and beautiful red saran hair.
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