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Superdoll Sybarite Valentine Solitaire Video

Warning...plastic boobs ahoy. She is on sale this Thursday.

Olivia Pope is my spirit animal.

The new Scandal collection is coming to Limited on February 15th.  There is a swell preview on this blog...  It looks like they have expanded the color palette.  The first collection was heavy on the neutrals with a dash of pale pink and pale blue.  The new spring collection has some pale peach, a celadon green, what looks a bit like a silvery lavender, and some tans thrown in with the white, blacks, and grays. They have also added a signature look from Quinn, the First Lady, and Abby.

I managed to get several pieces from the first collection by waiting for sales and then getting some stuff on clearance.  Based on how the first collection sold, I will likely get my very favorite piece on the first sale...and then be patient for the rest to hit clearance.  Now that I am dancing again, I am slowly starting to take off this baby weight, so it does not really make sense to drop a lot of cash on fitted garments.  So I am keeping most of my clothing purchases these days to tops.

I definit…