Olivia Pope is my spirit animal.

The new Scandal collection is coming to Limited on February 15th.  There is a swell preview on this blog...  It looks like they have expanded the color palette.  The first collection was heavy on the neutrals with a dash of pale pink and pale blue.  The new spring collection has some pale peach, a celadon green, what looks a bit like a silvery lavender, and some tans thrown in with the white, blacks, and grays. They have also added a signature look from Quinn, the First Lady, and Abby.

I managed to get several pieces from the first collection by waiting for sales and then getting some stuff on clearance.  Based on how the first collection sold, I will likely get my very favorite piece on the first sale...and then be patient for the rest to hit clearance.  Now that I am dancing again, I am slowly starting to take off this baby weight, so it does not really make sense to drop a lot of cash on fitted garments.  So I am keeping most of my clothing purchases these days to tops.

I definitely liked the first collection better.  This one is a bit bland to me and the colors a bit too pale for my coloring.  I like the swag sweater that buttons at the shoulder and the black jumpsuit...but not sure my body is jumpsuit ready.  


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