Tonner Doll Convention Musings...Breakout Events Tra la!

Weeeee! For those lucky few going to the Chicago Tonner 2008 Convention (yours truly among the lucky), the breakout events have just been posted. (thought the site seems to be up and down...forewarned). I hastily signed up for both the Tiny Betsy Mother Goose Re-Imagined event ($190) and the Daily Planet Lunch ($125). I love Tiny Betsy and the idea of a Betsy bjd in resin sounds FABULOUS. I hope she is very cute and looks more like the cute custom versions you see in Dolly Dolly and Dolly Bird Japanese magazines. And of course everyone is a-buzz about the Lady G 16" resin BJD using the Cinderella sculpt that will be one of the two companion dolls. I know she is going to cost a pretty penny. I don't have a Cinderella head sculpt doll yet and I do love the Re-Imagined lineup. I am praying for something spectacular...and hopefully I will get the chance to buy her! The event is open to 125 people but there are only 100 Lady G dolls. Seems 25 people are going home unhappy!

And then, of course, the Lunch at the Daily Planet was a no-brainer. I love my comic books and TOTALLY love the Big Blue Boyscout, Superman. The doll will be Lois Lane and the companion is Lana Lang. Hopefully Superman himself will be making an appearance as well. Me want Superman.

And of course I dropped money for lots of raffle tickets. The first two conventions I made out like a bandit in the raffle room. Last year I had no such luck. Hopefully this time I will do better.

Its going to be an EXPENSIVE month of May for me. Gotta sell lots of stuff to make way for the new girls. I really want to focus down my collection to only a chosen few...which is so hard. Anyone that is a hopeless collector will tell you that. Its an addiction...but I love them. I very wrong. And the worst part...I;ve already made tentative plans to attend the Halloween Convention this fall as well. Will the insanity never end?

One thing I am hoping to do is really kick a doll business into gear this year. I have started making some patterns for a few of the dolls and I am hoping to finish enough to justify a salesroom table at one of the conventions this year. We'll see though. Its a lot of work and it would be hard to work the salesroom by myself.
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