Toy Fair 2008- Tonner Doll Company Photos!

There are some great shots here... The Tyler BJD has a pop off head to change eyes...which is cool. Dick Tracy's outfit looks swell but I really hope that is not the actual doll! He MUST have the hook nose. I also saw a sneak peek of Superman...and whoa...I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. I cannot wait for this guy. I am also very pleased to report that he was shown with a closed punching fist hand. Very very cool. I think I might make a sexy Joker to go with Harleyquin. That Joker is very cool..but I would prefer a less scary version. The new Aquaman seems to share Batman's face. The sculpt looks great. I guess I will have to get two Aqua Dudes! Maybe I can redo the first Aquaman into someone else? He would make a good Thor? Perhaps Atom? Or Flash? I also must get my hands on the previews Wonder Woman in that very over the top outfit. I just adore it...cheesy stars and all.

I also think I MUST have Sister Dreary now and I will be buying her Winter fashion. That joker hat is too darling for words.

And I like the Davy Crockett...he might make a swell Harrison Ford. Its a nice realistic male sculpt. Tan Elizabeth Swann is also VERY tempting. Must resist.
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