Monday, February 1, 2010

Tonner's Cami & Jon Collection is Live!

Let me know what you think..I am still looking. The biggest and not unwelcome surprise is that the collection is "made to order"..meaning they want have piles of this stuff going on uber-clearance a year later. That also effectively means I probably cannot get any of it since I rely on the clearances heavily.

Cami & Jon Collection

Cami looks like a variation on the Cinderella head sculpt to me who I think looks like a bitchy high school cheerleader. No really that tempted. The outfits have a more youthful edgy look but thus far I think i can resist. The images for Jonquil aren't there yet...I keep you updated.

Update! Jon will evidently be a variation on the Jaq face sculpt for the Antoinette body. Here's a link to some photos by George!
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