Planners: A Thing I Didn't Even Know Was A Thing That's Soon To Be My Thing

So I had been pondering going back to the antiquated world of paper for my calendar.  In an effort to get off of my phone a little more, I thought an old school planner or datebook might be a good fit.  Little did I know I would be diving into a whole new hobby (the LAST thing that I need). I had a Dayrunner back in the oldey timey days before smart phones...but it was far from cute or sexy.  When I started searching for the modern equivalent, I fell down a rabbit hole on Pinterest.  Evidently this is a thing.  Planners are an obsession. It seems like it is another form of journaling for some or a creative thing for others.

I am obsessed with all things rose gold and went looking for something in that flavor. Kate Spade has a gorgeous but pricey one. There was also an offering from Erin Condren...but I wanted something less binder looking. I ended up going for a regular shiny gold version from Dokibook. I plan to do it in mint and peach and black accents.  I got some cute filler papers and post-its from the Target One Spot this weekend.  So yeah...looks like I have another thing. But I am hoping this planner will be a way to do some 'planning' (crazy I know) and better organize my week.  I am struggling with that trendy bit of wackiness called "work-life balance".  I need to teach, research, design, lose weight, keep my kid love and alive, stay married, and pay bills...oh yeah, eat and sleep and exercise...and perhaps a bit of fun.  Yikes.  Well I will keep you updated.


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