More Tonner Convention Speculation...Possible Marvel Souvenir Dolls

 So the "fiery haired temptress" clue gives us a few options.  The most obvious is Black Widow, a fellow Avengers teammate of the Captain. ****But newsflash...Miss Nancy of Tonner has confirmed that it is NOT Black Widow!

Other options include: Jean Grey, Scarlet Witch, Mary Jane Watson, Siryn, Rachel Summers, Mystique, Rogue, Madelaine Pryor, and Firestar.  My second favorite choice would be Lady Medusa of the Inhumans with her 'prehensile hair' gotta love that.  Both would be fantastic options...I am partial to Lady Medusa myself as she would be a killer doll with all that hair! A blue Mystique would also be swell. ***Update: We've been informed that the souvenir doll will be on the 16" Tyler body and not on the 17" Athletic body.  Good news to me.
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