Dolly Days 2017: Best for Last! Face of Adele Giftset to rule them ALLLLLLL! My precioussssss.

In really do love me some Adele. I currently have three (technically four): Glamazon, Time and Again (AKA Olivia Pope), and my beloved recently acquired grail Soul Deep Adele. I just got the Frosted Glamour Adele from convention but have not quite made up my mind about her. She is lovely and I am pretty sure I am going to keep her as an android pal for Anika...but still have not freed her from her box. People have been rightfully moaning about the difficulty in getting their mitts on Adele (2.0 mold especially). She has either been a convention doll or a limited edition size like we saw with the La Femme gal in the killer red suit. Having clearly heard our cries, Integrity has finally answered them with the MOTHER OF ALL GIFTSETS!  Not one, but all three Adele sculpts with switcheroo torsos in the set with three fashions, a fancy (if slightly creepy) new stand, and three great pairs of footwear for $200. BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE! They are also giving us the option to "complete" the torsos with a body part set for an additional $30. So basically if you do that (which why wouldn't you?) you are getting three dolls, two with complete outfits and one with lingerie for about $77 a doll. That is less than a style lab doll and fashion. That is 2005 Dynamite Girl money people.  (Can you tell that I am excited?)

I think people are a bit confused as to why they included a nuFace bust as an option. I don't mind myself as I frequently like to wedge nuFace clothes on the bustier grownup FR gals. I wondered if one of the outfits had originally been planned for a nuFace gal and they had to punt. There was something earlier in the club year about a club doll getting delayed and I wonder if this Adele was the one? She is designed by Jessy Ayala, who also gave us the nuFace Metamorphosis Erin club doll this summer. The white top from that giftset bears quite the resemblance to the fuschia dress on Adele 1.0.  I have not researched whether these were inspired by the same runway designer. I like the white top on Erin much so that I am now regretting NOT ordering her and emailed the club liason to get on the waitlist. I think that fashion will be crazy awesome on these Adeles (and Cruella Tatyana too!).

Adele 1.0 with the flocked hair is fun. I don't have any of this sculpt and the flocked hair is a nice callback to the stunning and impossible to acquire The Muse Adele (using the 2.0 sculpt). I feel like I want to change the lip on her though. Maybe make it matte or lighter? Adele 3.0! OMG. That hair is stunning and she looks amazing. The set comes with two different bra tops and some nice looking undies. I really like the high waist mesh detail on these. Very cool. 2.0 Adele in the honey blonde is gorgeous. I think she is going to look fabulous paired with the recent Sleeping Beauty Nadja. I am tempted to let the gorgeous Glamazon go after seeing this one. With the exception of haircolor, they have a really similar look in hairstyle and face. I might wait to have them in hand (which feels like an eternity from now). The white dress is fabulous. Those boots!!! I love it and again...Cruella Tatyana is gonna wanna steal it some time.

Item # 91422
The Faces Of Adèle
Adèle Makéda® Dressed Doll Gift Set
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
2017 W Club Exclusive

Edition: TBA
Arrival: Late Spring/Summer 2018
Pricing: $200.00 + S&H

Sculpts: Adele 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
Body: FR 6.0, 1 FR 6.0 Bust, 1 Nu.Face 3.0 bust
Foot: high heel feet
Skintone: A-Tone
Haircolor: Raven (1.0), Blond (2.0), Dark Brunette (3.0)
Lashes: yes on all three
Quickswitch: at the torso level, not the neck knob

Since the beginning, Adèle Makéda has been one of the main pillars that supports the world of Fashion Royalty. While this fierce goddess is the original chameleon of the collection and has shown us various sides of her personality as time went by, never before has she been offered with all of her different "moods" in one complete, ultra-fashionable package. Now, with "The Faces of Adèle" gift set, you have a unique chance to enjoy FR's original top model like never before!

While we wanted to give you a head-switch feature so that you can interchange whichever sculpt you were in the mood for, the team took the "switch" to the next level and this unique gift set brings collectability and doll play up a notch with the inclusion of interchangeable busts in two different sizes (1 extra FR bust and 1 extra NU. Face bust) that feature delicately blushed nipples (also a first!) that will easily allow you to switch either one of Adèle's "faces" on her lower body as you see fit.  

The beautiful Adèle Makéda is a 12.5-inch fully articulated fashion doll that comes with not one, but three different sculpts that encompass the various incarnations of the character through the years. Each head features hand-applied eyelashes and has either fully rooted or velvety soft flocked hair (on Adèle version 1.0) depending on the case. As the bodies feature removable parts, you can swap out Adèle's look by removing her bust (instead of having to remove the head, solely).  

A gorgeous electric pink gown that suits her lovely skin tone to a "T", an intricately designed daytime dress that features ultra-chic, modern graphic embroideries and a lingerie set that includes two different bras to better display the busts elegantly on the newly developed "Museum Podium" stand are also included with this set. But, best of all, this set also includes all the amazing little extras that you have come to expect from an Integrity Toys gift set- long boots, two pairs of shoes and two complete jewelry sets- just what you will need to make this fashionista look perfectly stylish over and over again! For adult collectors ages 15 and up only. A W Club members-only exclusive.


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