Tonner Convention Scoops:DC Stars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Pirates, etc...

So here is what I remember...

Tim Burton:
Robert has rights to do some of the Tim Burton movies "Re-imagined": Beetlejuice, Charley and the Chocolate Factory, and Corpse Bride.

New sculpted resin Wonder Woman and Superman coming.  The superman sculpt is what Robert is working on in that video released on the blog.

These are still coming and will be resin.

Robert made reference to a new muscular arm sculpt.  Scarlet Witch did not have this new arm.  She did have the new bigger bustline.  They also showed prototypes for Miss Marvel, Phoenix (in the green suit) and Emma Frost.  They are sticking to the women at the moment.

Harry Potter:
Next up is Viktor Krumb in the normal size scale.

Cami & Jon:
No word on Andy's special friend.

Tonner Toys:
Playline dolls to be sold in Toysrus.  First up is Little Mismatched.  Three dolls: Uptown, Sporty, and the Artist...maybe there was a fourth?  They will retail around $30 and have extra clothing packs that will mix and mismatch...some of them being reversible.  They looked adorable and are for ages four and up.  They will be in stores by September. Also they will have some sort of fashion doll, some mini dolls, and a top secret princess looking doll.

Amelia Thimble:
From Wilde Imagination and designed by Joe Petrolese. Adorable resin bjd.  She is the adopted tiny daughter of the king's dress makers. She lives in a sewing box.  Adorable.  I love her.  She will have furniture and I believe they mentioned friends.  She has a dog named Rags.  I nearly dies from cuteness when I opened the box.

Tonner Documentary:
To be sold soon for around $20.  We got to see a 20 minute clip and it looked great.  It was really fun to get a sneak peak behind the inner workings of the business and to hear all these people talk about Robert and making dolls.

Vampire Diaries:
No plans to do any other characters beyond the current three (at the moment) but they are planning on releasing the civil war era versions.

Jane is up next.

Pirates of the Caribbean:
New Jack Sculpt and Penelope Cruz coming

Wizard of Oz:
New Dorothy sculpt of Judy Garland coming that they think is perfect.  We shall see...

Two more famous divas to come this year.

Mentioned bringing back Tiny Kitty. More GWTW Scarlett but no Ashley or Bonnie. American Model coming back with more articulation and they are excited about her and the pre-orders have been good.  No more Serenity/Firefly or plans to do Buffy. No more Lord of the Rings or Doctor Who.  They have two new licenses coming.

That is all I can remember now...
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