Tonner Convention 2011 Round progress...

For my own reference...I am trying to compile a list of the haul from this year's convention.  I will add photos, info, and links as I find them.  *indicates included in the main convention package. **Included in cost of Breakout Event.  Everything else was a companion/bonus doll for purchase.  I am sure that I am missing something.

-Convention Bag and 20 Year Pin* $35
-Ellowyne Thrift Store item* (wide assortment...I got Woeful gathered blouse..which I wanted badly!)
-Basic Pin Up* ltd  350. Blonde basic wigged doll w/new "talented" bust on Tyler body. New face sculpt.
-Oops Pin Up, ltd 100. Brunette wigged doll with pink negligee, robe, and phone.
-Puppy Love Base.  Checkerboard base with dog and bowl.  ltd 50 $160 (newsflash...they are considering releasing the resin dog on its own.  Lots of people asked for it and they are thinking about it.)

Young NY
  • Giftbag with two recent boutique pieces*
  • Tonner Fashion Sketch Folio*
  • Cami, Jon and Andy Fare Game Centerpiece w/table and chair 
  • Fare Game Cami- wigged in black sequin pants ltd 150 $169
  • Checkmate Jon- short wig in gold skirt and sequin coat  ltd 150 $169
  • No Fare Andy-in black military coat and yellow t-shirt ltd 150 $169
  • Basic Gina- auburn wigged doll in purple undies.  Andy's assistant. ltd 250 $79
Ellowyne Shadows
  • Lighter Side doll centerpiece: Doll w/pink dress, Sybil, and Chair
  • Dark Shadows Ellowyne: blonde with gray dress and inset eyes*
  • Evangeline-Moonlit Celebration... long black skirt and white blouse
All The Little Girls Breakout Event:
  • Rags*-resin white terrier/poodle, leash, and cushion
  • Amelia Thimble Giftset *
  • Treehouse base- ltd 50 $210
  • Summer Adventure Tiny Betsy-limited to 100 $69
  • Miss Smarty Tiny Ann Estelle-limited to 100 $69
Captain America Breakout Event
  • Scarlet Witch Warped Reality* w/talented bustline, Tess Trueheart sculpt
  • Captain America Pint glass and chocolates
  • Stone Steps base- ltd 50 $110
  • Captain America doll with new sculpt, cap and wig
Fantasy Masquerade Dinner
  • Chocolate favor*
  • Sydney Fantasy Masquerade giftset*
  • Winkin -Breathless in green dress  ltd 125 $185
  • Blinkin- Duchess in gorgeous peach dress (my favorite)  ltd 125 $185
  • Nod-  Daphne in purple dress ltd 125 $185
  • River of Crystal Light- Glitter shoe base- ltd 50 $210
Pj Party
  • Be My Babydoll*- bagged fashion for Pin Up body.
    Wonka Breakfast
    • sucker*
    • Tiny Betsy Charlie Bucket*
    • Wonka "Pure Imagination" Base-ltd to 50 $160
    • Wilhemina Wonka- Daphne wigged with pale skin

    Tyler BJD limited to 50... Joyeaux Anniversaire $495 ($400 at the convention)
    Tiny Betsy Giftset- Summer Fun ltd 100 $109
    Some Cause Happiness Ann Estelle 10" ltd 100 $135

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