Tonner Finally Tempts Me- DC Gotham Garage

 It has been a LONG time since I have wanted to get a new Tonner doll. The last one I picked up was a Sydney Nu Mood via eBay to use as a body transplant for my Diana Prince-Princess of Paradise Island so that she could have flat feet to wear the festive Greek numbers I have made or collected. (BTW...this doll is GORGEOUS.  Great hair and makeup AND the outfit is stunning. Great accessories too...wait what's that?  Did you say accessories?  Yes!  Remember when the dolls came with extra things that weren't lame?  It's totally used to happen. But I digress...).  Poor old Sydney is now re-bodied and on Mister DollFace.

Tonner just launched two new dolls, Catwoman and Harley Quinn, in a line called Gotham Garage. They are painfully priced at $190 and limited to 300.  I love them...but hoping they hang around long enough to get put on sale because Integrity has ALL MY MONEY at the moment what with convention and all the awesome Jem shenanigans as of late. Catwoman looks so much like the comic book version with the short hair.  I am also a big fan of this sculpt.  Harley is amazing.  The tattoos on both of these make them so fun and the outfits are also a win.  I am especially tempted to get Harley because of the sculpt used.  I have the original Harley using the Cinderella sculpt. I have never been a fan of that mold...she always felt like a bitchy teen cheerleader to me. I also think this version will look great with my custom sexy Joker that I made.  (Pics coming).


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