Knit Picks Summer Sampler Kits

I am becoming quite the yarn whore lately and the stash is growing exponentially. I am doing pretty well on the small little projects and the yarn that has been coming in is indeed getting used bit by bit. I spend so much time in meetings and rehearsals that having something small tucked in my purse to work on has been a real lifesaver for me. So when I saw the yarn summer sampler offer at Knit Picks in these gorgeous colors and super cute patterns, I had to have it. I already have the Georgian Sampler on the way and am waiting for the Renaissance and Victorian sets to get back in stock on 5/9/08...And at $15 a set for 4-5 projects a set...that is an enitre summer of yarn-tainment for me! They hard part will be deciding what to keep and what to give away as gifts. I seem to get pretty attached to everything at the moment.
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