Do-It-Yourself Top Night!

Do-It-Yourself Top Night!
Too many plain, boring t-shirts and tank tops in your closet? Want some more glitter in your life? Do you wish you had more skulls on your shirts? Ever wanted to use a Bedazzler but were afraid to try?
Come one come all to
Strawdog Theatre Company's
D.I.Y. Top Night
(Formerly known as the Tank Top Competition)
this Saturday, April 5th at 8p!
Bring yourself, a plain tank top or t-shirt, any embellishments from home you might have, and money for beverages...(yes that's you can drink our fine beers while decorating your top with puffy paint). We will have, paints, stencils, studs, trims, and an ironing board available for you to unleash your inner crafty beaver! Also, an exciting slideshow presentation on the noble history of the t-shirt/tank top! Prepare to be enchanted! There will be plenty of books and images available to inspire creativity in everyone. And then once your shirt is done, put it on and strut your stuff on the
Strawdog Runway Show at 9:30p-ish
for some great prizes!So get yourself to Hugen Hall and put your painting pants on!
It's the civic thing to do!
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