Jaunty Flower Tie

Finally took some photos of my finished and unfinished knitting projects...

I made a jaunty flower tie. Knit on sz 3 needles. I started with three cast on stitches. Working in garter stitch, I increased the number of stitches by one at the beginning of every wrong side row until I had 10 stitches total. Then I worked even until the scarf measured 40 inches and then bound off. I then folded over the bound off edge 2 inches and sewed it down creating a loop to insert the tie. I made two saw-tooth flowers that I learned from the Nikki Epstein Vogue Anniversary Scarf I have been making and then sewed those at the loop end...voila. Instant scarf that is wearable in the summer. The yarn was Filatura Di Crosi Millefile Fine Its a sport weight cotton yarn with yummy colors and a nice sheen.
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